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2005 Mid America Motorworks Funfest - All In The Name Of Fun

2005 Mid America Motorworks Funfest - Event - Broke All Records

James Miles Dec 14, 2006
Vemp_0601_07_z 2005_mid_america_motorworks_funfest_event Vette_owners 2/11

Over in the Winner's Circle, you could find the judges' picks. Several mild and wild Corvettes were rounded up to be awarded certificates.

Where in the world can you sit around and chat with your friends, get autographs from celebrities, and see a free Beach Boys concert? Only in Effingham, Illinois, at the '05 Mid America Motorworks Funfest. This year's event was a whirlwind of activity, not only for the Mid America crew, but for attendees as well. VETTE Magazine was there as always, and we loved what we saw.

When we left off last year, the question was, "Could they possibly do this good a job again?" Happily, the answer was a definite "yes." According to Mike Yager, the company's owner and "Chief Cheerleader," an estimated 12,000 Corvettes and 50,000 enthusiasts showed up for the three-day Funfest celebration. This turnout broke last year's record of 10,600 Corvettes and 45,000 enthusiasts.

Vemp_0601_02_z 2005_mid_america_motorworks_funfest_event Aerial_view 3/11

Aside from a little rain, the show took place under clear skies, making for a picturesque Midwest setting. Among the event's highlights was the chance to meet Noland Adams and his '53, which is now appearing as part of the U.S. Postal Service's "America on the Move: '50s Sporty Cars" stamp series. If you'll remember, Mid America was one of the sites for the 2001 STAMPede, which collected tens of thousands of signatures in support of the special-edition stamp. In recognition of this, the USPS was on hand to offer the stamp for sale, along with a special Funfest postmark cancellation.

Even if stamps and such weren't to your liking, several dozen rows of America's finest sports cars awaited. That's where VETTE spent the weekend, and we saw some beautiful examples of the Plastic Fantastic. Just take a gander at the accompanying photos for proof: Funfest, which Mike likes to refer to as a "customer and Corvette owner appreciation day," is one of the finest events around.

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