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2005 Mid America Funfest - The Bat's Cave

Read about what we went through, to get to the 2005 Mid America Funfest event - Funfest or Bust!

James Miles Dec 14, 2006
Vemp_0601_01_z 2005_mid_america_funfest Red_vette 2/5

Wow, what a trip. If there were an award for most miles driven, VETTE Magazine might have won it. Combined, we traveled over 3,000 miles to attend Mid America's 2005 Funfest. While we'll admit that 1,000 of those miles were via Southwest Airlines, the remainder were achieved in a banzai run from Indianapolis to Denver to Effingham, when it was discovered that "Son of Zombie" would not make the event without the assistance of yours truly. Packing up a borrowed Toyota (thanks, Dad), the first leg was to Illinois, where I picked up good friend and freelancer Paul Defenbaugh. From there, we made the trek from the Champaign area over to Denver, then eastward back towards Effingham.

After starting in Illinois on Wednesday, we arrived in Denver the next day, trailered the car, and made it back for the evening festivities on Friday. Thankfully the trip passed without incident. However, contributor Mike Meyers only made it half way from his home in Denver due to a bum transmission in the C3. Held over in Salina, Kansas, Mike eventually had to give up the ghost when his gearbox began to leak like a sieve. VETTE's C4 and C5 trekked on, and were displayed over the weekend at the Primedia subscription booth and 1912 Mobil 1 gas station.

For those of you who made the trip, we hope you enjoyed the presentation of our cars. And a thank you goes to all who stopped by to sign our Corvette Central-sponsored '87 display. While the car might have looked a little rough, it will be making headway starting this month, as we show you how we prepped and installed that killer Greenwood hood you may have seen during the weekend. Meanwhile, as you may have noticed, our Project C5, sponsored by Mid America, is nearly finished. If you liked what you saw, stay tuned as we show you the hows and whys of that particular project car.

Love Those Louvers
Team VETTE has a mystery we'd like solved. We've been eyeing Jesse Billing's Grand Sport for a couple of years now. This Petersburg, Indiana, resident has added a louver kit to the rear glass of his '96 Vette for a pretty striking look. Jesse cited "Auto FX" as the kit's manufacturer, but our search has turned up nothing. If any of our readers out there have an idea who might have produced this kit, we'd greatly appreciate the help. Send responses to with the subject tag "Love Those Louvers."



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