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Vettes On The Rockies 2005 - Rocky Mountain Way

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Mike Meyers Dec 22, 2006
Vemp_0601_01_z Vettes_on_the_rockies_2005 Vette_central 2/10

Joe Walsh once sang, "Spent the last year the Rocky Mountain way, couldn't get much higher." Well, Joe, we're here to tell you, you can get higher than last year. The good folks at Looking Glass Corvette Association (LGCA) in Lakewood, Colorado, hosted the 32nd Annual Vettes on the Rockies (VOTR) in Summit County, Colorado, and did just that. After putting on an outstanding event for the past 31 years, the members of the LGCA started with a clean slate, and we all got much higher this year.

LGCA teamed up again with the Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado, to host the event. Staying at a first-class resort nestled in the Colorado Rockies with hundreds of cool Corvettes for four days is a tough assignment. The folks at Beaver Run provided great service and a beautiful setting for the event, and they truly enjoyed having us with them. They even provided several car-wash locations, including towels, around the facility. LGCA once again had Dreamworks Performance Engineering in attendance at the resort to help enthusiasts who had trouble with their Vette during the event.

The folks from LGCA did a wonderful job of making everyone feel welcome and part of the proceedings. Two of its members were so taken with last year's VOTR, they got married at the event this year. Our best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Booth.

Vemp_0601_02_z Vettes_on_the_rockies_2005 Puzzled_vette 3/10

LGCA must have made a deal with the weatherman because four days of cobalt-blue skies and moderate temperatures greeted attendees, but the clouds and rain rolled in as soon as the last trophy in the show 'n' shine was awarded. Nice timing, folks.

At many Corvette events around the country, you arrive at a parking lot or field, park your beloved treasure for the day, and are left to your own devices. Then you take off for the night and return the next morning to do the same all over again. This is all part of the fun, but if you're looking for more than just cleaning, polishing, and bench racing, VOTR is the event for you.

LGCA members at VOTR's inside registration area greeted enthusiasts warmly upon arrival. Event-sponsor booths were placed around the room, along with an indoor display of featured Corvettes. Many enthusiasts were mingling and trading stories.

This year's show kept everyone in motion. The four-day event was filled with a 100-plus-mile road rally that included a gondola ride to the top of one of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks, an autocross, a funkhana, evening social events (some of which featured guest speakers from GM), and a show 'n' shine on the streets of historic Frisco, Colorado. With all the great Corvettes in attendance, this was the place to be, whether gazing at the cars or trying to get some new ideas for a future project.

Vemp_0601_06_z Vettes_on_the_rockies_2005 Smoked_out 4/10

Club sponsor Rollie Purifoy of Purifoy Chevrolet in Ft. Lupton, Colorado, pulled some strings with GM to bring out the new Z06 and also a beautiful C6 wide-body built by Purifoy, as well as a nice collection of Callaways. Several Corvette clubs from around the country showed up in force, as did many stouthearted Corvetters who made 1,000-plus-mile solo treks from all points. Team VETTE had the pleasure of meeting some of our loyal readers from around the country, which is always a highlight for us.

The event featured a gathering of C5-'53 commemorative cars, which GM should have offered as the 50th Anniversary Edition. Team VETTE rolled out the C5 project car-one of the three project cars we're building. Thanks to the sponsors of the project builds, I was able to capture fast time in class (also a First Place in the show 'n' shine). I also had the fastest overall time of the event until my son, Jerred, made his appearance in a C6 provided by GM and took the fast time of the event. Now I know how Big E felt when Jr. bested him the first time. Team VETTE was even able to coax Josh Yager from Mid America Motorworks into taking a few runs around the autocross course. It was Josh's first time ever on a course. It took a couple of days for the grin to disappear from his face.

We look forward to the surprises LGCA has in store for the 2006 VOTR. If this year was any indication, those of us who spent the 2005 Vettes on the Rockies "the Rocky Mountain way" will be even higher next year.



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