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The Gathering - National Corvette Museum Meet

James Miles Oct 1, 2004
Vemp_0410_02_z National_corvette_museum_meet C4_corvette_turnout 2/2
Vemp_0410_02_s National_corvette_museum_meet C4_corvette_turnout 3/2

This past May marked the National Corvette Museum's second event of the year, The Gathering. For those of you unfamiliar with The Gathering, this annual event turns up some of the finest C4s offered during the 12-year history of the Fourth-Gen. Corvette. Held the 13th through the 15th, The Gathering was hosted by the NCM with backing from the ZR-1 Net, Grand Sport Registry, Team ZR-1, LT5 Registry, and 40th Anniversary Corvette Registry. With this many well-known organizations lending a hand, and their Vettes, it's hard to go wrong-rain or shine. And that was the theme for the weekend: weather. For those of you who attended The C5/C6 Birthday Bash or read our coverage in this issue, you know how fickle Mother Nature can be to spring events on that side of the Ozarks. While not nearly as bad as The Bash, the weekend was threatened by dark skies; treated, in a few instances, to heavy rain; and had The Weather Channel plastering the screen with Doppler Maps of Doom. This not only made it hard to hold several of the events during the weekend, but, in a few instances, it made it down-right impossible-such as the Drag Racing at Beech Bend scheduled for Saturday in the A.M. But thankfully for The Gathering, the skies were clear in all the right instances and allowed the attendees moments in sun-as fleeting as they were-for several road tours, a show 'n' shine, and even some fun at the local go-kart track. Team VETTE was along for the ride the entire weekend, and boy did we have fun. It makes for a great event when you can meet up with old friends and make a few new ones. Speaking of events, here's the highlights from The Gathering.


The 40th Anniversary Corvette Registry
Middleburg, VA 20118
LT5 Registry
Wichita Falls, TX 76306

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