SEMA Show Coverage - SEMA 2003

Las Vegas, Here We Come!

James Miles Apr 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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It hasn't been long since I took over as Associate Editor for VETTE Magazine. Besides the plethora of car shows, and the never-ending amounts of editorial I have to come up with, there's another part of the job that was brand new to me: The SEMA Show.

Held each year out in the small, little-known desert community of Las Vegas, SEMA (a.k.a. the Specialty Equipment Market Association) throws an annual event that is the place to go if you've got a new product to release and want the automotive world to know about it. This being my first SEMA show, I was overtaken by the size of the event and spent the entire time wandering around like a lost child in a gigantic toy store, and can you blame me? Where else can you walk around for three days and not see the same thing twice? Shangri-La, thy name is SEMA! But I digress-on to the important items!

As usual, Corvette made an appearance at the show in a variety of ways. Several booths could be found containing Vette-related products that ran from C1 through C5. More importantly, these items weren't strictly limited to froo-froo dress-up and included several engine and suspension modifications from the likes of Granatelli to Hotchkis, as well as hard-core collectibles such as this pewter Sting Ray from the Franklin Mint. What did Team VETTE see that caught our eyes? Read on to find out!