Bloomington Gold Car Show - Going For The Gold!

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Team Vette Feb 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0402_01_z Bloomington_gold Bloomington_gold_field 2/19

Even with the long lead times that we have, sometimes it just isn't enough. While we run around the office like the proverbial chicken without a head, others move at a much slower pace. Such was the case with Bloomington Gold. After a wonderful weekend in the sun for our ace photographer Andrew Schear, Team VETTE sat back and waited for Mecum to do some number crunching for us, and we waited, and waited, and waited. But fear not! While others may have fallen asleep at the wheel, Team VETTE has taken over driving duties to bring you this-albeit overdue-photo coverage of Bloomington Gold's latest event which happened on June 26-29, 2003, out in St. Charles, Illinois. There was plenty to do, cars of all sorts-including an interesting '63 Grand Sport remake-judging everywhere, and more dealers than you could shake your stick shift at. So, if you're ready to go for the gold, or just want to see some of the finest examples of plastic on that side of the Mississippi, Bloomington Gold could be the car show for you. Be sure to check out the next one during the last weekend of June 2004.




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