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Super Chevy Show Ennis Autocross - At The Motorplex

If You Weren't Into Drag Racing, You Could Still Have Fun Driving At The Super Chevy Show In Ennis, Texas.

By , Photography by Team Super Chevy

One great way to do something with your car if you aren't really into drag racing is the Super Chevy Show autocross. The speeds are lower and if you happen to hit a cone, it won't mess up the car. Well, a little cone rash might show up, but that is easily cured with some cleaner wax. The course at the Texas Motorplex was set up and run by the Texas Region of the SCCA, to whom we are grateful. In addition to the above duties, they were happy to provide rides, give you pointers, and even lend helmets to those in need. What a great group!

The course layout was technical enough to test a seasoned driver, but not so complicated that a beginner couldn't give it a go. There were about 15 turns to contend with and just enough straight sections to wind out the motor. Smooth throttle and quick hands produced the best times, but every once in a while a lead-footed driver got gas happy and pitched the cars sideways. While not the best way to get a good time, it sure was awesome to see.

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