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2010 Super Chevy Show Reborn

The Super Chevy Show Series Is Under New Ownership, And Will Be More Action-Packed Than Ever For 2010.

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Modified Class
The following will automatically put your vehicle in the Modified Class: bodywork that involves redesign of the original body lines, including but not limited to nosing, chopping, channeling, sectioning, changing radius of wheel wells, molding, tunneling, etc. Paint is of custom design such as painted graphics, shading, blending, candy, pearl, neon, or murals. Engine relocation and /or custom fabricated engine mounts and /or a different Chevrolet engine than was available with any given entry (for example - big block in '57 Chevy) and/or a smoothed out firewall.

Any aftermarket, non-stock OEM, multiple carb set-ups, tunnel rams, blowers, turbo chargers and/or late model tuned port-type fuel injection on any other era vehicle. Interiors that are of a custom design that consist of changes to three or more of the following: seats, door panels, dash modifications, flooring, headliner, trunk, or truck bed area. See notes concerning dealer and factory-sold conversations in Stock Class.

7:00-19:99 Slicks & electronics; defer to host track rules
7:00-19:99 Slicks & no electronics; defer to host track rules
*Any Dial-In
Any Dial-In D.O.T. street tires & mufflers required, noelectronics; defer to host
*Any Dial-In track rules
*Eighth-Mile Time Breaks
"Real Street Machines"; D.O.T. street tires & mufflers required

Saturday Bonus Race Winner R/U Semi 1/4
Electronics (box) $ 1,200 $ 500 $ 200 $ 100
No Electronics (no box) $ 1,200 $ 500 $ 200 $ 100

Sunday Bracket Payout Winner R/U Semi 1/4 1/8
Bracket 1 $ 3,000 $ 1,500 $ 500 $ 200 $ 100
Bracket 2 $ 1,500 $ 600 $ 200 $ 100 $ 75
D.O.T $ 1,000 $ 400 $ 125 $ 100 $ 75

* Note: Certain markets may choose to run one "All Run" class ($2,500 posted purse) Separating Box and No Box until the final round.

Sat. Awards
Top 20-All vehicles registered on Saturday
Young Star-25 & under in age
Tremec Trick Stick Award
Transport Awards
ISCA Award

Sunday Awards
Club Participation (Minimum 6 cars registered together as a club)
Top 10 Race Cars- Editors Choice Awards
Outstanding Class Awards-2 per class
Best Big Car
Best Camaro
Best Chevelle
Best Corvette
Best '55-'56-'57
Best Early Chevrolet
Best Pro Street/Pro Engineered
Best El Camino
Best Nova
Best Monte Carlo
Best Open
Best Truck
Best Conversion
Awards (Gold Class)
Best Detailed
Best Engine
Best Paint
Award of Excellence-(Non-Gold)
Best of Show-Gold Class

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