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2008 Super Chevy Show Atlanta - Atlanta In Action

Forget About The Gas Prices, It's Race Time

By Mike Harrington, Photography by Super Chevy Show Staff

Automotive icon Linda Vaughn was on the scene at the Super Chevy show in Atlanta sporting a GM Performance Parts shirt no less.

Gimme a little love, won't ya? Here is something else you don't see very often. The oh-so little Chevy LUV pickup truck. Back in the day when I would go to the street races, a guy would always show up in small-block Chevy LUV and whoop over some of the bigger cars.

I guess nobody told them that if you win a plaque at a Super Chevy show, they line you up and shoot you. Well...with a camera that is.

The joint was jumping and was so packed a little grease might help you slip through the crowds.

Unsafe at any speed? Bah, what does Nader know anyway? Has he ever seen two Corvairs in a punching match on the two-lane? How often do you see this sight?

These two custom Tri-Fives were given a military-style crewcut, knocking the roofs and windows down a few inches.

This '69 Z28 is absolutely beautiful, bathed in black with black wheels and white stripes. What a classic.

I'm not saying this just because it's Super Chevy magazine, but the Chevy trucks of the '50s simply are the best looking of any truck from that era.

Get out of the way or the flames will get you! When the jet cars come out to play, the grand stands fill up and there is only standing room available.

Another modern twist on a classic look. A Yenko Deuce clone on the outside with all the modern conveniences to make it perform.

By Mike Harrington
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