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Ohio Super Chevy Show - Super Chevy Hits The National Trail

There was plenty of Bow Tie fun in the Buckeye State

By: Dan Ryder, Mike Harrington, Photography by Mike Harrington, Team Super Chevy

First-Time FunThe inaugural Super Chevy/Tremec True Street Challenge

So you think you have the fastest street-legal Chevy around? The Super Chevy Show organizers have sent out the invitation for you to come and flex your muscle. For all those trash talkers who race their mouth more than their car, it's time to put up or shut up!

National Trail Raceway provided the stage for the first-ever running of the Super Chevy/Tremec True Street Challenge. Racers converged from different locations around the country in order to compete. Mother Nature provided a couple hours of dry weather, and in that time the six brave souls who hung around began the True Street festivities by going on the 30-mile cruise through the lovely pastures of Ohio.

Upon returning to the track, the cars were lined up in the staging lanes. The track officials almost had the track dry until the sky opened up again. The remainder of the Saturday session was canceled.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, a fitting backdrop to the continuation of the True Street Challenge. After each driver completed three back-to-back runs, their averages were calculated. When the tire smoke cleared, it was Phil Cooper of Urbana, Illinois, who took the crown with his tubbed-out, nitrous-breathing '66 Nova. Runner-up and lowest 10-second average went to Mike Rehl of Heath, Ohio, with his '85 Monte Carlo SS.

As an added bonus, the cars with the eight quickest averages from the True Street field compete heads-up. Since we only had six total, it was the buzzin' half-dozen. No surprise, it was Cooper and Rehl in the final. Mike's Monte didn't have enough steam to overcome Phil's 9.51 e.t. Brad Schmidt earned honorable mention in his LS1-equipped '98 Camaro. Brad was a semifinal loser, but did win the award for having the lowest 11-second average.

To alleviate any confusion, we spoke to Super Chevy Show officials and they said that you may run True Street along with the DOT Street Fight class. As long as your car fits into class rules for both and you can make your lane calls, it's alright to run two classes.

Super Chevy/Tremec True Street Challenge
Phil Cooper1966 Nova10.17710.17710.17710.177Overall Winner*
Mike Rehl1985 Monte Carlo SS10.48110.36610.39610.414Runner-up and
10-second winner
Brad Schmidt1998 Camaro11.85911.99511.83411.89611-second winner
Bill Roupe1967 Chevelle12.84113.01313.12312.99212-second winner
Michael Stevens2001 Corvette14.58813.41313.48313.82813-second winner
Smoke Loar1970 ChevelleBrake-Disqualified    
* Did not have proper safety gear-only counted legal run.
By Dan Ryder, Mike Harrington
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