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Super Chevy Car Show - Memphis-Cool, Chevys-Hot!

Stompin' Around by the Big Muddy

Even $12-a-gallon gas couldn't keep us away from the Memphis Super Chevy Show. Yeah, we know it wasn't that high during the show, but by the time this magazine is in print, you never know. Memphis always serves up good food, great weather, fast cars, and nice people. We missed Elvis again, but that just means we have to go back again next year.

The racers must have been waiting all year to compete for some Super Chevy money and trophies, because it was all action and little down time. Even the Nitro Coupe crazies were well represented by local hero Tony "The Sandman" Williams, who blazed through the field, taking the Nitro final in his flawless steel '69 Camaro. Williams' best quarter-mile top speed was 212.13 mph and his lowest e.t. was 6.698. Low e.t. during elimination rounds was run by Cody Barklage at 6.586, who also ran the best speed of 219.33 mph. The Trim Parts Low Qualifier for the event was Dave Tomasino, running 6.530 secs. at 210.90 mph during Saturday qualifying.

Spectators were glued to their seats by great head-to-head racing between the Pro Show teams and the Chicago Super Stock Outlaws amazing 7-second street Chevys. We could watch those high-flying wheel-standing Chicago guys all day, and then some. Bill Houghton in his "phantom" '03 Camaro SS took home bragging rights by running through the field, finally defeating Dave Douma in the final with an 8.020-second e.t. at 172.65 mph. Houghton lightened up his load a bit by launching his brand-new hood on the track somewhere near the finish line. It came out in one piece, though, and will live again on the front of this Fourth-Gen screamer.

On the show field, we were treated to the finest Chevys that the South has to offer. Our award process was tough; we could have used two or three times the number of Editor's Choices to be fair, so the cars we selected were truly the "best of the best." No losers at Memphis.

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