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2003 Super Chevy Show - One For The Books

2003 Super Chevy Finally Dried Out

Farmers may hate droughts but the racing and show car world might have welcomed a short one during the 2003 season. All over the country, Super Chevy, NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, and every other sanctioning body fought the rain, sometimes for weeks on end. Were it not for the faithful Super Chevy fans who stuck with us through thick and thin, wet and dry, we would have had not fun at all. As it was, there were show cars, fast cars, and great fans all year long at every event who made Super Chevy what is: fun for everyone.

2003 began in Memphis, which was a change from our usual "start-up" event in Pomona. It worked out for the best giving us a bit more time to finish up Project X, our road tour machine for 2003. Memphis is a great place for Super Chevy and the show ranks in the top five as far as attendance and participants. It's worth it just for the swap meet and car corral, which extend down the far side of the track (the full quarter mile and shut down area) in at least three solid rows of cars and booths. Add to this the fact that many of our manufacturer's and sponsors (such as Autozone and Comp Cams) are based in Memphis, the food and music are the best, and the "Big Muddy" flows through town, we probably should go there more than once.

After a typical warm and dry Phoenix show, we were chomping at the bit to roll Project X out of D&P Chevy and start our inaugural Super Chevy Road Tour at Pomona. Wrong! Monsoon season hit on Saturday and there was no reason to even pretend; that day's show was over. Little did we know that we would have the clouds follow us around the country all year, even forcing us to re-schedule the Epping, New Hampshire, show from May to August. That was a better time for us to be there because we say a moose in a field about a mile from the track. We don't see moose (or meese or mooses) in May.

The biggest cloud of all rolled over Denver when we lost Nitro Coupe Driver and Team Owner John Reynolds in a fatal crash at the top end of the drag strip. One of the truly good guys in racing, and a friend to many Super Chevy Show folks, he is sorely missed.

Ironically the Martin, Michigan, event went off on schedule. That show had been cancelled each of the last 2 years because of weather-related problems; go figure. When we got into the meat of the summer we sailed into Indy and on to Maple Grove. Indy got pretty wet but nothing can stop the "Big One" and we only had soggy ground to deal with one day and the sun was out on Saturday and Sunday. You just can't mess with Indy. By this time the Project X Road Tour was in full swing and we drove the "World's Most Famous '57 Chevy" on the Hot Rod Power Tour before we took it to Indy, Maple Grove, Norwalk, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Houston, Montgomery, Alabama, and finally back to the West Coast.

Project X made starring appearances at the SEMA show, the Tucson, Arizona, Super Chevy Show and the season wrap up in Las Vegas leading the final LA to Vegas Cruise. For those of you who haven't compared the 2003 and 2004 show schedules, we won't be at Phoenix, Tucson, or Las Vegas but we will be in Toronto, Canada, along with two stops in Florida; Bradenton to start the season and Gainesville to end it. All of our West Coast fans will have to catch up with us at Pomona or Denver. Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2004.

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