Super Chevy
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Super Chevy Show - Last Leg To Vegas

One More Time For Fun

Photography by Andrew Schear

We've done this before, the Friday blast to Vegas for the Super Chevy Show. We won't have a show at Las Vegas next season, so there was all the more reason to go this year. That and the fact that any time we can collect 40 or 50 of the finest cars on the planet, scream through the desert on a bright sunny day, stop at a high school where a bunch of car crazy kids are waiting to see our rides and show us theirs, then be hosted by Hot Rod Grille for a cruise-night and bash in Henderson, well we've just got to go! We even fit in the season-ending Super Chevy awards banquet that same night. People don't go to Las Vegas to rest, you know, and we didn't.

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Super Chevy