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2002 Tucson Super Chevy Show - Living On Tucson Time

Everybody's Favorite Time Zone

Towards the end of the Super Chevy Show season those of us living on the West Coast (otherwise known as "God's Country") get a break in travel. We go to Tucson, Arizona one week and wind up the season the next week in Las Vegas. That means we don't have to go to an airport, get our luggage tossed, or our shoes turned inside out, and we can eat real food on our way to the show. As a matter of fact, this year we flew the Goodmark Chevelle to Tucson, getting recognized all the way there and back. One thing we always forget, though, is that close as it is to California, Arizona is in a separate time zone, one hour different. It just seems like it's about the same distance as Las Vegas (actually a little further) and the scenery is about the same, so we forget about that hour until we were late for the show. Putting anything in the same time zone as Vegas can be a mistake, since that place is mostly Twilight Zone.

One of our truly long-distance travelers gave us a reminder as to why Nitro Coupes are so exciting. Gary Irving was expecting warmer weather than the typical cold his native Canada provides at this time of year, but it got a little warmer than he anticipated. Using up the entire width of the strip, Irving's beautiful '37 Chevy did some tricks that resulted in severe damage to the chassis and body, but left Gary intact after a thrill ride. There was fire and smoke, but it stayed in the engine compartment. We had intended to do a photo shoot of that car in Las Vegas, but we'll have to wait until next year, only early in the race season this time.

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