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2012 Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals

Diego Rosenberg Apr 29, 2013
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While California and Florida thumb their noses at the rest of America while Rust-belters put their cars away for winter hibernation, the Windy City decided to brew some sweet revenge with the best display of classic American Muscle in the US of A. Impossible, you say? Then riddle me this: how many legit Yenko Chevrolets have you seen in Orange County? Did any COPOs show up in Boca?

Indeed, when the weather gets nippy, Chi-Town gets a-hoppin' with the Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals. Held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, MCACN has quickly become the go-to place to see the coolest cars imaginable. Don't believe me? Where else would you find 55 Yenko Chevrolets, from the road-hugging Corvair Stinger to the fabulous Nova Deuce and all the Camaros in-between? Take that, Frankie Avalon!

MCACN is run by Bob Ashton, a Detroit-area hobbyist who set out on a mission to provide the ultimate gathering place for horsepower-passionate enthusiasts, a showcase to revive past memories and friendships while opening the door to many new ones. Bob's experience as a promoter has taught him that it takes more than a bevy of cars to produce a great show, so he has recruited a number of collectors and enthusiasts. As Bob says on the MCACN website, "Join us for the ride, whether as a participant showing your pride and joy or selling your parts, or as a spectator reliving those memories. Let us all make some new memories together."

So what kind of Bowtie rides were at MCACN? To wit:

  • Nickey Chicago display
  • Meet the Mean Ones in Chicago: the Don Yenko Memorial display
  • Corvette Triple Diamond Showcase and Competition
  • Trans Am Terrors
  • Going Topless "top dawg" convertible display
  • Class of 1962 50th Anniversary display
  • Class of 1972 40th Anniversary display
  • ...and a general smattering of muscular Chevrolets

In addition to the above, there was a Vintage Legend classification that focused on unrestored vehicles. A certification team consisting of some of the preeminent restorers in America would spend three hours examining every detail of a submitted vehicle, then give the owner a detailed listing of their findings. The goal for this class is to uncover new information, share it, and act as a repository for factory standards and processes.

Sounds like a great event? Check out the photos and judge for yourself. Californians and Floridians are welcome to attend, but they won't be able to steal Chicago's November sunshine.


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