2012 Super Chevy Show - Denver, Colorado

Thunderstruck At Thunder Mountain

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Of all the Super Chevy Shows we attend throughout the year, the event at Bandimere Speedway outside Denver, Colorado, welcomes us with the best weather. The skies are dotted with little clouds and the air is cool with a slight breeze. It's the kind of weather that puts you at ease right up till you get close to the venue. That's when the sound of horsepower echoes off the mountainside and gets our adrenalin pumping. When Associate Editor Patrick Hill and I pulled into the gates, the pits were already full of simple bracket cars all the way to some seriously quick Pro Mod rides. We quickly became kids again oohing and ahhing and pointing at all the cool stuff.

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After composing ourselves, we parked the rental car, grabbed our camera gear, and set off towards the show field. It, too, was packed to the gills with everything from stock restored beauties to full custom restomods. We gotta tell ya, the quality of the restorations we saw at Bandimere is a true testament to how thick with car culture Colorado really is.

After walking the rows of Chevelles, Camaros and the like, we headed to the swap meet area. There were all kinds of goodies to be had and once again we were bummed that we flew in so we couldn't take home some of the bigger items we really wanted.

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If you are more of a new part kind of builder, then the manufacturers midway surrounding the show field offered everything from air tools to detail products. If you wanted to see some new engines or even a new Chevy to buy, then Chevrolet Performance and Stevinson Chevrolet were there to help. There were even a few activities for the budding gearhead, like the Revell Make 'n' Take. Held in one of the facility's large tents kids and their parents were given a 2010 Camaro model to assemble together and then take home.

We really enjoy coming to Bandimere, as the track is just great and the people are even better. If you are even close to Denver next year, this is one to stop in and check out.




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