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Chevell-Abration 2012 - Chevell-Abrate Good Times

Chevell-Abration 2012 Invades Tennessee for a weekend

Tommy Lee Byrd Oct 25, 2012
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For the past decade or so, folks in the American Chevelle Enthusiast Society (ACES) have swarmed middle Tennessee during the month of June to partake in a gathering of like-minded Chevy gearheads. Each year, the event is a must-go for Chevelle enthusiasts across the country, with participants coming from thousands of miles away to enjoy the company of fellow Chevelle guys and gals. For 2012, the event featured a similar layout to years past, giving participants a chance to display their prized A-bodies, and thrash on them on the drag strip or autocross course.

With all of these activities, the weekend was packed with action, and it kicked off on Thursday as the cars began to roll into the beautiful Moss-Wright Park in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Later in the afternoon, cars began to stream out of the park, toward Music City Raceway, an NHRA-sanctioned drag strip located a few miles out of town.

Although the track certainly has a rural location, its facilities are top notch, and it gave the guys a great place to try out their Chevelle on the eighth-mile racing surface. Astoundingly, more than a dozen Chevelles were in the 7s, which is very strong, considering that would firmly put them in the 11-second range in the quarter-mile.

Along with all of the smoky burnouts and high-speed blasts down the drag strip, a heart-felt tribute to ACES member Bob Wilcox was made during the Thursday night drag races. Bob passed away in September 2011 and always enjoyed the Chevell-Abration event, especially the drag racing portion. His '68 Chevelle SS396 made the trip to this year's event, and a tribute pass down the drag strip was made in his honor. The racing continued well into the night, but everyone eventually made the scenic drive back to their hotels for just a little more action before turning in for the night.

Friday is autocross day, so after the day's activities in the show field, a convoy of Chevelles traveled back to Music City Raceway, where an autocross course was setup in one of the open pit areas of the track. Despite the hot temperatures a great deal of participants came out for the autocross, which was sponsored by Detroit Speed. A gift certificate for $250 was given to Tom Farrington for winning the autocross competition with his awesome, DSE-prepped '66 Chevelle.

As the show continued into the weekend, Saturday's activities were laid back in comparison to the previous two days. It mostly consisted of cars being on display, as well as the awards ceremony later in the afternoon. Without a doubt, the 2012 Chevell-Abration event didn't disappoint. Chuck Hanson and his ACES crew did a great job putting on the show once again, and we're hoping it continues for years to come.


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