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Tune Time Performance Event - Web Exclusive

Dan Foley Nov 8, 2012

When Tune Time Performance moved from its smallish shop in Toms River, New Jersey, to a more spacious facility in nearby Lakewood, it decided the best way to celebrate was to hold a car show and open house. The Tune event was held on September 22 and was presented by the South Jersey Camaro Club. All proceeds went to benefit "Ocean of Love" for children with cancer. Local high performance parts manufacturers Jesel, Manley and American Racing Headers were there, along with a host of the drag race and street cars they support.

This multi-make event had a large contingent of late-model GM, with a splash of old school carbureted and converted LS-powered musclecars.

Corvettes, from ZO6 to ZR1, three ZL1s and about five dozen SS Camaros made the scene.

Sucp 1211 01 O Tune Time Performance Camaros And Corvettes 2/19

We've seen this '02 Vette run easy 9s at Atco while strip testing our project SS509 Nova. Mark Mastrojohn of Tire Craft Racing is the builder with TTP taking care of engine management.

Sucp 1211 02 O Tune Time Performance 2002 Corvette 3/19

American Racing Headers was there to display its exhaust products.

Sucp 1211 03 O Tune Time Performance American Racing Headers 4/19

Here's the ARH/Farks Camaro. Its 416ci has Mast Motorsport heads, Jesel rockers, F1R ProCharger and a Tune Time Performance tune.

Sucp 1211 04 O Tune Time Performance ARH Farks Camaro 5/19
Sucp 1211 06 O Tune Time Performance Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran 6/19

An Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran ('03-05) built this beautiful '79 Vette with a 406 SBC with 550hp. He mentioned it was great therapy in getting readjusted to civilian life during its five-year build. It was tastefully done.

Sucp 1211 05 O Tune Time Performance 1979 Corvette 7/19

Show vehicles were lined up down the street for a quarter-mile. The Trail Blazer SS is a popular build-up at Tune Time. We've witnessed them running 10s.

Sucp 1211 07 O Tune Time Performance Trail Blazer SS 8/19

Amber and Steve Triolo brought out their gorgeous '11 Camaro SS. It features a few bolt-ons, like American Racing Headers, SLP exhaust, Air Raid air intake and a TTP tune to produce an easy 402 rwhp. The factory ground effects package was painted gloss black, which caught our eye.

Sucp 1211 08 O Tune Time Performance 2011 Camaro SS 9/19

Tune Time has modded many ’90s Impalas and Caprices, enhancing the LT1 or converting them to LS power.

Sucp 1211 09 O Tune Time Performance Line Up 10/19

This stand-out, customized '10 Camaro SS owned by Brent Maida was featured in a episode of the popular TV show Blue Bloods (episode-Moonlighting). It features a custom air intake and TTP tune for 398 rwhp. This screaming yellow machine can also be found on LG Appliances’ website for their flat screen HD TVs.

Sucp 1211 10 O Tune Time Performance Custom Paint 11/19

It's rare to come across a bone-stock, numbers-matching original '72 RS Z28. Steve Spaulding brought out this prime example along with a binder full of documentation.

Sucp 1211 11 O Tune Time Performance 1972 RS Z28 Camaro 12/19

Also on display was PSI LT1 showing all their electronic goodies, which are designed to make it easy to convert an early muscle car over to EFI LT1 or later LS power. This '72 Nova is one of the examples Tune Time has converted to LS power.

Sucp 1211 12 O Tune Time Performance LT1 Conversion 13/19

This '69 Camaro got the Tune Time treatment, gaining serious LSX power.

Sucp 1211 13 O Tune Time Performance 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 14/19

The Transformer and a black ZL1 made a pretty pair parked next to each other.

Sucp 1211 14 O Tune Time Performance Transformer Camaro 15/19

Jesel showed off its "toughest of the tough" rocker arms and valvetrain products. The ZL1 Camaro was one of three in attendance to droll over.

Sucp 1211 15 O Tune Time Performance ZL1 Chevrolet Camaro 16/19

With a projected 2,300 hp, this '02 ZO6 Vette should run low 7s in the Outlaw LSX Drag Radial 315 class. Joe Dedona is the owner, with Mark Mastrojohn handling this radical buildup. The RHS 427 has Mast Motorsports 275 heads, Jesel rocker arms and a humungous F3R ProCharger (131mm). All that power exhales through 2 1/2-inch primary tubes with 5-inch collectors and mufflers.

Sucp 1211 16 O Tune Time Performance Procharger 17/19

Anytime is a good time to see a ZR1 Vette! This baby was all stock except for a TTP dyno tune.

Sucp 1211 17 O Tune Time Performance Chevrolet Corvette 18/19

Here's the coolest trophy that was given to all the Dyno Shootout winners. South Jersey Camaro Club member Al Burk made the trophies from stock LS1 pistons, rods, and timing gears..

Sucp 1211 18 O Tune Time Performance Dyno Shootout Trophy 19/19



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