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2011 Super Chevy Show Phoenix - Ending With A Bang

The 2011 Super Chevy Shows Annual Finale

Apr 11, 2012
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The 2011 Super Chevy Show series presented by GM Performance Division came to a resounding end on the last weekend of October. And what better way to end a year of all Chevrolet shows than with perfect weather and a great location? Firebird Raceway, located just outside Phoenix, hosted the final event for the second year in a row.

If you are a Chevy fanatic in the Southwest, this was the place to be. The show area had some of the slickest Bow Ties to ogle, but there was more to the event than just shiny paint. There was a swap meet on site that had some really cool items, from cylinder heads to complete motors. If you didn't find what you needed there, you could continue on to the vendor midway. It was full of national vendors including AMSOIL, Duracell, Speedway Motors and others. This is a great opportunity to get one-on-one time with some of the companies you buy parts from, and also pick up new catalogs.

The strip was 1,320 feet of pure adrenaline as all levels of fast were covered, from 15s down to single digit e.t.'s. “We have put a lot of work into our quarter-mile racing surface in the past year, and our recent events have shown it,” said Chuck Sundstrom, director of operations at Firebird Raceway. You could be a first-time rookie or a seasoned vet—there was a class you could compete in and possibly take home some prize money.

Once you got tired of watching quarter-mile blasts, you could trip over to the autocross course sponsored by Total Cost Involved, Wilwood Disc Brakes, and Currie Enterprises. We saw everything from a few dozen fifth-gen Camaros to—get this—a '60 ambulance piloting the coned course.

On top of the racing action there was of course a show-and-shine area that had a great selection of Chevys in all types of builds, from stock resto to restomod and everything in between. Since Arizona is such a car-crazy state, the quality of cars was top-notch.

Now that the 2011 season has concluded, you have some time to get to work on your own pride and joy. Hopefully you'll get it done in time to show it off at one of the 2012 Super Chevy Shows.

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Editor's Choice Car Show Winners

  • Paul Hayden, Chandler, AZ, '69 Camaro
  • Blake Grandil, Gilbert, AZ, '67 Camaro
  • Ed Newton, Tempe, AZ, '56 Corvette
  • Don Steblton, Glendale, AZ, '66 Nova
  • Bill Kraus, Phoenix, '55 Bel Air
  • Robert Zumach, Puyallup, WA, '57 Bel Air convertible
  • John Hill, Goodyear, AZ, '69 Chevelle Yenko Tribute
  • Les Hoctor, Glendale, AZ, '65 Chevelle
  • Dean Newman, Tucson, AZ, '60 ambulance
  • Leslie Cheesser, Glendale, AZ, '59 El Camino

Editor's Choice Drag Car Winners

  • Tanner "The Kid" Sundstrom, Gilbert, AZ, '69 Nova
  • Nick Johnoff, Tucson, AZ, '73 Camaro
  • Tyson Wood, Phoenix, '69 Z/28 Camaro
  • Tony Cutaia, Phoenix, '57 210
  • Mark Ballard, Tucson, AZ, '58 Del Ray
  • Larry Smith, Mesa, AZ, '64 Nova
  • Doug Sutherlin, Durango, CO, '69 Camaro
  • Ken Passerby, San Tan Valley, AZ, '70 Nova
  • David Brown, San Diego, '10 Camaro

Car Show Results
Gold Class Winners

  • Kevin Dewitte, Fountain Hill, AZ, '65 Chevelle
  • Paul Hay, Chandler, AZ, '69 Camaro

ISCA Award

  • Les Hoctor, Glendale, AZ, '65 Chevelle

Best in Show

  • Greg Pyle, Gilbert, AZ, '63 Impala
  • Kim Myers, Casa Grande, AZ, '67 Camaro
  • John Hill, Goodyear, AZ, '69 Chevelle
  • Ed Newton, Temple, AZ, '56 Corvette
  • Jesus Castro, Glendale, AZ, '08 Cobalt
  • Pam & Sonny Hegarty, Albuquerque, NM, '32 Chevy coupe
  • Fred Beaty, Phoenix, '65 El Camino
  • Robert Zumach, Puyallup, WA, '57 Chevy conv.
  • Andres Perez, Peoria, AZ, '72 Nova
  • Leslie Cheesser, Glendale, AZ, '59 El Camino
  • Kyle Hart, Mesa, AZ, '55 pickup
  • Kevin Dewitte, Fountain Hill, AZ, '65 Chevelle
  • Paul Hayden, Chandler, AZ, '69 Camaro

Autocross Winners

  • Expert - Sal Solorzano
  • Ladies - Valerie Pichette
  • Novice - Andrew Helpingrone


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