2011 SEMA Show - Aftermarket Overload

The top 99 products from the 2011 SEMA Show are here to feed your custom needs.

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Tru Turn Steering System

Ridetech's Tru Turn system utilizes new steering components that are engineered to minimize bumpsteer and allow the use of a 10-inch-wide wheel and 275mm front tire for the '67-69 Camaro and '68-74 Nova.


Sucp 1203 78 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Ridetech Chevy Camaro Chevy Nova Tru Turn System 2/100

Two New Rims

Rocket Racing Wheels had two new styles at the show. The Rocket Injector and the Rocket Strike are a traditional hot-rod wheel design. Multiple finishes, backspacing, and widths are available so you can match the perfect rocket to your ride.

Rocket Racing Wheels

Tranzilla SFI Adapter Plate

This kit from Rockland Standard Gear makes it possible to bolt the Tremec TR6060 and Magnum six-speed transmission to an SFI-rated steel bellhousing for the 2010-up Camaro. The kit is supplied with a Qwik Time SFI bellhousing.

Rockland Standard Gear Inc.

Sucp 1203 81 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Rockland Standard Gear Tranzilla Sfi Adapter Plate 5/100

Express Series Switch Panels

These switch panel systems from Ron Francis Wiring come with a brushed stainless faceplate and high-amperage, race-ready switches. Several versions are available to fit your application.

Ron Francis Wiring

Sucp 1203 82 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Ron Francis Wiring Express Series Switch Panels 6/100

10W30 Oil

Royal Purple has added a few new synthetic oils to its lineup. The HPS-series motor oil is specifically formulated to maximize performance and meet the demands of high-performance and modified engines.

Royal Purple Inc.

Sucp 1203 83 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Royal Purple 10w30 Hps Oil 7/100

Drag Steering Wheel

Shutt Auto has created a steering wheel for those drag racers who want something nice to hang onto. The wheel is made of aluminum and features a coarse texture to improve grip and a matte-black finish for killer looks.

Shutt Auto Accessories Inc.

Sucp 1203 84 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Shutt Auto Accessories Drag Steering Wheel 8/100

High-Output Supercharger

SLP now offers high-output, positive-displacement, TVS 2300 superchargers for LS-based Camaros, Corvettes, and trucks. It replaces the factory intake manifold and will have those back tires smokin' in no time. The kit comes complete and ready to install.

SLP Performance Parts

Sucp 1203 85 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Slp Performance Parts Tvs 2300 Supercharger 9/100

Quarter-Window Seals

Nobody likes his '69-75 Chevelle windows whistling while cruising down the road. SoffSeal now makes these inner rear vertical quarter-window seals to block out the wind and water from getting into your ride—when the windows are up anyway.

SoffSeal Inc.

Sucp 1203 86 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Soffseal Chevy Chevelle Quarter Window Seals 10/100

Front Drive Systems

CFR Performance now offers budget-minded front drive systems for the small-block. The set comes with a long water pump, complete pulley, bracket, and pump det. It is available in machined and chrome finishes and retails in the $600 range.

CFR Performance

Sucp 1203 17 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Cfr Performance Front Drive System 11/100

Ball Joint R and R Tool

This new tool from SP Tools is an innovative approach to servicing ball joints. It removes and installs lower ball joints on the car versus removing the steering knuckle and using a shop press.

SP Tools

Sucp 1203 87 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Sp Tools Ball Joing R And R Tool 12/100

Adjustable Upper and Lower Control Arms

Specialty Products just finished production on these adjustable control arms. The upper and fixed changed lower arms are perfect for fine-tuning alignment angle for second-gen F-bodies.

Specialty Products Co.

Sucp 1203 88 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Specialty Products Adjustable Upper And Lower Control Arm 13/100




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