2011 SEMA Show - Aftermarket Overload

The top 99 products from the 2011 SEMA Show are here to feed your custom needs.

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Quick Links and FireStorm CD Ignition

The Quick Disconnect sway-bar end links allow you to easily disconnect the front sway bar on a fifth-gen Camaro for track use without tools or lifting the vehicle. The FireStorm CD Ignition is a new ignition control that will expand capabilities significantly beyond current ignition functions focusing on early- and late-model applications.

Mr. Gasket/Prestolite Performance

LS Coil Brackets and Atomic EFI

MSD is making these direct replacements for the stamped-metal stock coil mounts to enhance the LS's appearance, especially when paired with MSD's multiple spark coils. One of the coolest things at the SEMA Show was MSD's Atomic EFI system. MSD touts it as the easiest throttle-body EFI system available. It requires only eight connections and a single fuel line with no PC programming necessary to function.

MSD Ignition

ProLine Rectangular Control Panel

Take control of your Vintage Air Gen IV 3 Lever with this machined aluminum slide control panel. It features a polished bezel and knobs with a matte Mylar face. It's available in black-anodized finish as well and installs in either a vertical or horizontal position.

Vintage Air Inc.

Sucp 1203 99 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Vintage Air Proline Rectangular Control Panel 6/100

Hurricane A/C & Heater System

New from Old Air is the Hurricane In-dash air conditioning, heater, and defrost combo for the '68-69 Chevelle. It mounts to the firewall and offers the choice of either an electronic slide control or integrated switching using original factory controls. Unique modular design provides tri-level cold or warm airflow.

Old Air Products

Sucp 1203 67 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Old Air Products Hurricane Ac Heater System 7/100

Digital Battery Charger

Optima took time away from creating batteries to come out with a charger. This microprocessor-controlled charger charges, conditions, and maintains 12V AGM (Optima-style) and flooded batteries. It can recover deeply discharged batteries and extends battery life.

Optima Batteries

Sucp 1203 68 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Optima Batteries Digital Battery Charger 8/100

Fifth-Gen Headers and Severe-Duty SBC

Procomp Electronics had a lot to show off this year. Two of the best were the fifth-gen Camaro headers and a severe-duty block. The headers features a four-into-one design with merged collectors providing a 15hp gain. The block is a fully machined 350 Chevrolet block with billet main caps. It is line-honed and decked with 9.025 lifter bores that are machined and matched—basically it's ready to assemble.

Procomp Electronics

LS Valve Covers and SBC Dress-Up

LS Valve Covers and SBC Dress-Up Specialty Auto Parts, alias Proform, has got all your dress-up needs covered. Chevy Orange is the rage right now, so Proform released the complete orange and black kit. For the LS owner, the company cast up the Slant-Edge valve covers. It will display the Chevrolet and Bowtie emblems with pride as they burst through a sea of wires and tangle.

Specialty Auto Parts

Fifth-Gen Subframe Bushings

These polyurethane rear subframe bushings from Prothane Products give the car a precise feel and react to your steering inputs quickly. Additionally, standing-start launches will be more controlled and wheelhop will be drastically reduced.

Prothane Products

Sucp 1203 73 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Prothane Products Fifth Gen Subframe Bushings 13/100

Tubular Control Arms and Bolt-In Rear Coilover Kit

QA1 control arms reduce unsprung weight while improving weight distribution in race applications. QA1's arms for GM applications utilize the company's low-friction adjustable ball-joints. The Chevelle bolt-in rear coilover kit is available in single- and double-adjustable configurations, along with multiple spring-rate options.

QA1 Motorsports

Modified Underhood Crossbrace

Real Deal Steel has something for the non-billet crowd. The steel underhood brace for the '57 Chevy is modified to allow use of a center-outlet radiator mounted in front of the core support. This is needed for long water pump and big-block installations.

Real Deal Steel

Sucp 1203 76 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Real Deal Steel Chevy Underhood Crossbrace 16/100

Fifth-Gen Quarter Molding

Retro USA's '10-11 Camaro Quarter Moldings are a replica of the shark gill moldings on the '69. They are available in chrome and black, all chrome, and paintable finishes.

Retro USA Inc.

Sucp 1203 77 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Retro Usa Fifth Gen Quarter Molding 17/100




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