2011 SEMA Show - Aftermarket Overload

The top 99 products from the 2011 SEMA Show are here to feed your custom needs.

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V6 Camaro Nitrous System

Here's a nitrous kit specifically designed for the 2010-up Camaro V-6, not an adapted universal system. The Triple-Threat wet system from Design Engineering Inc. combines all three-valve functions: purge, N20, and fuel in one easy-to-install component. The Triple-Threat is a precision-machined billet body with three integral solenoid valves with Volt-Trap coils for a dependable, clean, all-in-one nitrous system.

Design Engineering Inc.

Sucp 1203 33 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Design Engineering V6 Chevy Camaro Nitrous System 2/100

Lenses and Molding Clips

Classic Industries added two more much-needed Camaro products to its extensive catalog. The '78-81 Camaro Z28 taillamp lens sets are manufactured to exact OE specifications with authentic markings and in correct original colors. The '68 Camaro RS lower molding clip set is also an authentic reproduction of the original side molding clip kits. Obsolete for decades, this clip kit features correct OE configuration, appearance, and fit.

Classic Industries

Gauges and Fuel Sender

Classic Instruments continues to upgrade factory dashboards with killer gauges, and now they have '70-72 direct-fit gauge package that fits any Chevelle, Monte Carlo, or El Camino that has a factory-style SS dash. Classic also came out with a floatless fuel sender unit that uses a pressure transducer to measure the amount of fuel in a tank. It's very easy to calibrate and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Classic Instruments Inc.

Rocker Arms and LS Transplant Kits

FAST, a division of Comp Cams, is simplifying LS transplants with FAST EZ-EFI engine and transmission control kits. These kits are an easy, no-tuning-needed solution for transplanting LS Gen III/IV powertrains into your project. Four different package stages and multiple fuel pump options allow you to select the perfect level of control based on your individual needs. Comp also updated the Ultra-Gold aluminum ARC rocker arms with design updates and new features to take rockers to a whole new level of performance and durability.

Comp Cams

New Camaro and Vette Rims

The CS-5.0 rim from Concept One Wheels comes in 20x9 (1.5-inch lip) and 20x10.5 (3-inch lip) sizes with the perfect offset for fifth-gen Camaros and later-model Vettes. The rim can be ordered with finishes of matte silver or matte black.

Concept One Wheels

Sucp 1203 25 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Concept One Wheels Cs 5 0 9/100

General G-MAX

Here is one more high-performance tire for you to push to the limit. The G-Max AS-03 is an all-weather, ultra-high-performance tire, delivering crisp response in dry and wet conditions with excellent snow grip. The G-Max comes in 15- to 20-inch diameters with aspect ratios ranging from 30 to 55. It has either a V or W speed rating with a 480 treadwear rating.

General Tire

Sucp 1203 26 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 General Tire General G Max 10/100

Billet Johnny Joint

Currie is making some serious joints for seriously strong suspension setups. These billet Johnny Joints can be used anywhere you would employ a Heim joint. These feature CNC-machined 4140 chrome-moly construction, with a 1-1/4-inchx12 threaded shank. They are available in standard and narrow widths.

Currie Enterprises

Sucp 1203 27 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Currie Enterprises Billet Johnny Joint 11/100

Gauges and Controls

Last year Dakota Digital released the VHX Instrument Systems with great success. This year Dakota has expanded on the VHX line with the BIM series expansion modules. These allow for a nearly unlimited amount of additional information to be added to VHX systems thanks to the information display on the gauge. Dakota also created the Digital Climate Controller for Vintage Air Gen IV applications that plugs directly into Vintage Air Gen IV AC systems, adding the modern convenience of complete climate control.

Dakota Digital Inc.

Tri-Five Steel Shrouds

Danchuk really wants your Tri-Five to run cool, so it came up with three different steel fan shrouds. The one shown fits any model using a V-8 radiator/core support mounted in the six-cylinder position using Danchuk conversion brackets (PN 11236). The other two are for a V-8 radiator in the stock position and V-8 radiator mounted in the six-cylinder position. All shrouds are made from top-quality, black powdercoated steel.

Danchuk Manufacturing

Sucp 1203 30 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Danchuk Manufacturing Tri Five Steel Shrouds 14/100

8.1 Iron BBC Cylinder Head and Assembly Lube

Dart's new 8.1, Gen 7, iron big-block cylinder head has developed a whole new world of performance for the metric 8.1-style Rat. The new cast-iron cylinder heads with improved high-flowing port design and efficient combustion chambers greatly enhance power and torque. To help build the 8.1L or any other engine for that matter, Dart has also gotten into the assembly lube market. The stuff is great for pre-lubing bearings, cams, lifters, and valvetrain components. Dart assembly lube eliminates dry starts and prevents seizing, galling, and scuffing.

Dart Machinery

Motor Mount and Crossmember Sets

Chris Alston's Chassisworks just finished combining two of the company's products into one sweet package. The billet-aluminum motor mount and tubular transmission crossmember sets are available for '64-72 Chevelles (A-body), '67-69 Camaros (F-body), and '68-74 Novas (X-body). Since these are a matched set, it will make engine and trans installations and swaps easier to deal with.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks

Sucp 1203 18 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Chris Alstons Chassisworks Motor Mount And Crossmember 17/100




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