2011 SEMA Show - Aftermarket Overload

The top 99 products from the 2011 SEMA Show are here to feed your custom needs.

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First- and Second-Gen Camaro Column

We recently installed one of these ididit columns, and it's a killer unit. For the '67-75 Camaros, the column features an eight-position tilt, factory key location, relay-based ignition switch, and a GM top shaft so the OE steering wheel fits. This column also has year specific wiring plug, ignition, and collapsible features. You can get it in three finishes: black, paintable, or polished.

ididit Inc.

Sucp 1203 50 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Ididit Inc Chevy Camaro Steering Columns 2/100

Chevelle Vinyl Tops

Legendary Auto Interiors has just put the finishing touches on the GM '64-72 A-body Levant grain vinyl top. Now you can put the proper-looking vinyl top on your ride instead of something that almost looks right. Another great feature is this top has the correct backing on it instead of the water-soaking fuzzy stuff that is on the market today.

Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd.

Sucp 1203 51 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Legendary Auto Interiors Chevy Chevelle Vinyl Tops 3/100

Billet Shifter Levers and Drive-by-Wire Control

Lokar is making a few cool products for late-model engine swaps. The billet aluminum Tremec shifter levers for TKO 500 and TKO 600 transmissions offer different angles and lengths to get the shifter right where you need it. Lokar partnered with Williams Controls in developing this programmable, electronic, drive-by-wire throttle pedal for the automotive aftermarket.

Lokar Performance Products

Pivot Plate

Mac's Pivot makes removing and installing engines a breeze with up to 35 degrees of fine articulation. It fits most carbureted intakes, and there is an LS adapter available.

Mac's Custom Tie Downs

Sucp 1203 55 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Macs Customs Tie Downs Pivot Plate 6/100

LS3/L92 4.100-Inch Stroke Pistons

The Mahle Motorsports GM LS3/L92 4.100-inch-stroke PowerPak piston assemblies come complete with dual-coated pistons, German steel pins, race-proven round wire locks, and a performance ring set.

Mahle Motorsports

Sucp 1203 56 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Mahle Motorsports Ls3 L92 Stroke Pistons 7/100

Sport-Track All-Inclusive Serpentine Kits

March is looking out for the builder on a budget with this low-cost "all-inclusive" serpentine kit for Chevy small-blocks. CNC-machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum, all accessories including alternator, A/C compressor, power steering unit, water pump, pulleys, brackets, and all mounting hardware are in the kit.

March Performance Inc.

Sucp 1203 57 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 March Performance Sport Track Serpentine Kit 8/100

Mozez Tunnel Ram Intake

Looking for something a little different for your LS build? The new line of Mast Black Label CNC two-piece tunnel-ram intakes will support 1,000+ hp NA and 3,000+ hp when boosted with a turbocharger.

Mast Motorsports

Sucp 1203 58 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Mast Motorsports Mozez Tunnel Ram Intake 9/100

Wash Anywhere and Brake Dust Barrier

Meguiar's has two new car care products for 2011. The Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere safely washes away dirt and grime with no hose or bucket and leaves behind a show-car finish. The Brake Dust Barrier creates a barrier between dirt and rims, making wheels easier to clean. Simply hose down wheels and watch dirt fall off.

Meguiar's Inc

Sucp 1203 59 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Meguiars Wash Anywhere And Brake Dust Barrier 10/100

Vette C5 Seals

Tired of the drip-drip in your Vette? Metro Moulded Parts manufactures replacement rear targa top seals for C5 Corvette ('97-04) coupes. They are USA-made and backed by a 30-year warranty.

Metro Moulded Parts Inc.

Sucp 1203 60 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Metro Moulded Parts Chevy Corvette C5 Seals 11/100

9.5-Inch Camaro SS Differential Assembly

If your fifth-gen is making gobs of power, then Lingenfelter has something for you. The heavy-duty, aluminum, 9.5-inch differential assembly for 2010-up Camaro is a direct fit to the existing differential mounts. It's available with 3.42, 3.73, 4.10, and 4.56 ratios.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Sucp 1203 52 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Lingerfelter Performance Engineering 9 5 Inch Chevy Camaro Differential Assembly 12/100

Synthetic Wax and Water Spot Remover for Glass

Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax provides depth, shine, and protection in an easy-to-apply, effortless-to-remove formula. Hard Water Spot Remover for Glass removes stubborn hard water spots and stains. It's perfect for improving vision and clarity to all glass surfaces.

Mothers Polishes




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