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2011 SEMA Show - Aftermarket Overload

The top 99 products from the 2011 SEMA Show are here to feed your custom needs.

Mar 1, 2012
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It's that time of year for the top products of the SEMA Show. Every November, the automotive aftermarket community comes together in Sin City at the Las Vegas Convention Center to show off new products and custom rides. The 2011 SEMA Show did not disappoint, with over 1,600 new products on display. Since the SEMA Show is not open to the general public, we were there to be your eyes. We walked miles upon miles looking for the best products. Instead of just picking 10 or 20 like some other mags out there, we wanted to give you the full SEMA experience, so we found the top 99. The only issue with showing you so many products is we had to make the information quick and dirty. If you want to know more about a single product, just use the information at the end of each description to contact the company and get the info you are looking for.

Sucp 1203 100 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Chevy Booth 2/100

Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System and Pumps

Aeromotive now has two new products: one specifically for the fifth-gen Camaro and one for other late-model rides. The Stealth system is a complete drop-in fuel pump assembly for 2010-up Camaro fuel tanks. This system will support over 1,000 hp from a single pump and still use the factory siphon system. It includes the pre-filter, bracket and plumbing for a no-hassle install. The Stealth fuel pump is a high-output, in-tank fuel pump that provides over 340 lph of flow at 43 psi and fits OE hanger assemblies in more than 65 late-model applications.

Aeromotive Inc.

Fifth-Gen Camaro Front Suspension Package

This 2011 Camaro suspension package from Afco Racing replaces your factory components with coilover struts that allow ride-height adjustments and "made-for-racing" caster-camber plates that are sure to please from show time to go time. The strut features a high-pressure gas design with velocity-sensitive valving for improved handling performance.


Sucp 1203 03 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Afco Racing Chevy Camaro Suspension 5/100

Fifth-Gen Cold-Air Intake

Airaid's MXP cold-air intake system for the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro was designed for vehicles with the 6.2L engine and an aftermarket supercharger. It features a SynthaMax non-oiled premium air filter and comes complete with full hardware and easy-to-read instructions. The installation is a true bolt-on with no cutting or drilling necessary.

Airaid Filter Co.

Sucp 1203 04 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Airaid Filter Chevy Camaro Cold Air Intake 6/100

1969 Camaro Factory Fit Dash Harness

Here's an OEM replacement dash harness for console gauge-equipped auto trans applications from American Autowire. All Factory Fit harnesses are of restoration quality, and original GM tooling and parts are utilized throughout. Correct fuse boxes, bulkheads, lamp sockets, connectors, terminals, clips, and clamps are incorporated into each harness for a true "plug and play" installation.

American Autowire

Sucp 1203 05 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 American Autowire 1969 Chevy Camaro Factory Dash Harness 7/100

Slick Stuff

The chemists at AMSOIL have been busy concocting all kinds of new lubricants. The SAE 30 Break-In Oil is formulated for quick and efficient piston ring seating. The OE oils provide excellent protection and performance for the entire length of the original equipment manufacturer's recommended drain interval. The Z-Rod 20W-50 synthetic is specially engineered for classic and high-performance vehicles with high zinc formulation for flat-tappet cam protection. They even have an Extended Life 0W-20, a Signature Series 10W-30, and engine assembly lube in convenient 4-fluid-ounce tubes.


Sucp 1203 06 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Amsoil Sae 30 Oil 8/100

Ring Compressors

ARP offers over 120 different sizes of piston ring compressor. They are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet tube material and feature a true radius for each different bore diameter. Standard stocking sizes from 3.552 to 4.750 are available to make your next engine build much easier.

ARP Inc.

Sucp 1203 07 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Arp Piston Ring Compressor 9/100

Lightweight Superglide Gear Set

ATI now offers a 1.64 lightweight gear set for the company's Superglide 4 transmissions that can hold up to 3,000 hp. Features of the Superglide include the ATI SuperCase and tailhousing, ATI billet aluminum Super Pump, Compo-Flow safety reverse trans brake, ATI ringlets Super Shaft, billet dual-ring servo and cover, deep aluminum pan, comp friction-lined band, and high-performance gaskets and seals.

ATI Performance Products

Sucp 1203 08 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Ati Performance Lightweight Gear Set 10/100

Auto Meter Mounting Solutions

Who better to come up with an Auto Meter mounting solution than Auto Meter? The company is now offering two new mounting solutions for two extremely different applications. The first is the Nostalgia Series Tri-5, which allows for simple installation of new gauges and comes in a few different finish options. The second solution is the fifth-gen Camaro mount, which is built to fit like it came from the factory. The mount seamlessly integrates two instruments of your liking into the center console.

Auto Meter Products

Hurst Paddle and Pistol Grip Shifters

Check out Hurst's paddle shift kit for the fifth-gen Camaros running an automatic with either the V-6 or V-8 powerplant. The setup features easy-to-install, black, interchangeable, ergonomic Delrin paddles and requires no steering wheel modifications. Hurst also thought about the classic vehicle owner and created a Billet Pistol Grip stick that is CNC-machined from solid billet aluminum. The stick is designed to provide a firm, comfortable, natural grip when shifting, allowing less chance of your hand slipping and missing a shift. It's available for most Hurst shifters and sticks.

B&M Racing and Performance Products

LS Valve Covers and Tri-Five Hood Hinges

Billet Specialties has been busy this year whittling out all kinds of cool stuff. Two of the best products they had at the show were LS valve covers and Tri-Five hood hinges. The new valve covers for the LS platform not only feature aggressive styling, but they retain the coil packs in the factory location under a nice-looking cover. The hinges feature precision 3D machining and look great at any angle. Features include stainless hardware and precision bearings, ensuring smooth operation. They're available in three finish options: raw machined, black anodized, and full polished, while the gas springs are available in two finish options: polished stainless and black.

Billet Specialties Inc.

LS Manifolds and Hard Core Gray Carbs

Holley is also making cool stuff for the LS, and the Hooker Revolution LS cast-iron exhaust manifolds are pretty sweet. The manifolds provide a universal fit for most muscle-car chassis when swapping a LS engine. Holley never forgot its roots, so they also brought out an all-new Holley aluminum Ultra HP Dominator Hard Core Gray series carburetor. It features new calibrations and the coveted HP fuel bowl.

Holley Performance Products

V6 Camaro Nitrous System

Here's a nitrous kit specifically designed for the 2010-up Camaro V-6, not an adapted universal system. The Triple-Threat wet system from Design Engineering Inc. combines all three-valve functions: purge, N20, and fuel in one easy-to-install component. The Triple-Threat is a precision-machined billet body with three integral solenoid valves with Volt-Trap coils for a dependable, clean, all-in-one nitrous system.

Design Engineering Inc.

Sucp 1203 33 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Design Engineering V6 Chevy Camaro Nitrous System 19/100

Lenses and Molding Clips

Classic Industries added two more much-needed Camaro products to its extensive catalog. The '78-81 Camaro Z28 taillamp lens sets are manufactured to exact OE specifications with authentic markings and in correct original colors. The '68 Camaro RS lower molding clip set is also an authentic reproduction of the original side molding clip kits. Obsolete for decades, this clip kit features correct OE configuration, appearance, and fit.

Classic Industries

Gauges and Fuel Sender

Classic Instruments continues to upgrade factory dashboards with killer gauges, and now they have '70-72 direct-fit gauge package that fits any Chevelle, Monte Carlo, or El Camino that has a factory-style SS dash. Classic also came out with a floatless fuel sender unit that uses a pressure transducer to measure the amount of fuel in a tank. It's very easy to calibrate and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Classic Instruments Inc.

Rocker Arms and LS Transplant Kits

FAST, a division of Comp Cams, is simplifying LS transplants with FAST EZ-EFI engine and transmission control kits. These kits are an easy, no-tuning-needed solution for transplanting LS Gen III/IV powertrains into your project. Four different package stages and multiple fuel pump options allow you to select the perfect level of control based on your individual needs. Comp also updated the Ultra-Gold aluminum ARC rocker arms with design updates and new features to take rockers to a whole new level of performance and durability.

Comp Cams

New Camaro and Vette Rims

The CS-5.0 rim from Concept One Wheels comes in 20x9 (1.5-inch lip) and 20x10.5 (3-inch lip) sizes with the perfect offset for fifth-gen Camaros and later-model Vettes. The rim can be ordered with finishes of matte silver or matte black.

Concept One Wheels

Sucp 1203 25 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Concept One Wheels Cs 5 0 26/100

General G-MAX

Here is one more high-performance tire for you to push to the limit. The G-Max AS-03 is an all-weather, ultra-high-performance tire, delivering crisp response in dry and wet conditions with excellent snow grip. The G-Max comes in 15- to 20-inch diameters with aspect ratios ranging from 30 to 55. It has either a V or W speed rating with a 480 treadwear rating.

General Tire

Sucp 1203 26 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 General Tire General G Max 27/100

Billet Johnny Joint

Currie is making some serious joints for seriously strong suspension setups. These billet Johnny Joints can be used anywhere you would employ a Heim joint. These feature CNC-machined 4140 chrome-moly construction, with a 1-1/4-inchx12 threaded shank. They are available in standard and narrow widths.

Currie Enterprises

Sucp 1203 27 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Currie Enterprises Billet Johnny Joint 28/100

Gauges and Controls

Last year Dakota Digital released the VHX Instrument Systems with great success. This year Dakota has expanded on the VHX line with the BIM series expansion modules. These allow for a nearly unlimited amount of additional information to be added to VHX systems thanks to the information display on the gauge. Dakota also created the Digital Climate Controller for Vintage Air Gen IV applications that plugs directly into Vintage Air Gen IV AC systems, adding the modern convenience of complete climate control.

Dakota Digital Inc.

Tri-Five Steel Shrouds

Danchuk really wants your Tri-Five to run cool, so it came up with three different steel fan shrouds. The one shown fits any model using a V-8 radiator/core support mounted in the six-cylinder position using Danchuk conversion brackets (PN 11236). The other two are for a V-8 radiator in the stock position and V-8 radiator mounted in the six-cylinder position. All shrouds are made from top-quality, black powdercoated steel.

Danchuk Manufacturing

Sucp 1203 30 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Danchuk Manufacturing Tri Five Steel Shrouds 31/100

8.1 Iron BBC Cylinder Head and Assembly Lube

Dart's new 8.1, Gen 7, iron big-block cylinder head has developed a whole new world of performance for the metric 8.1-style Rat. The new cast-iron cylinder heads with improved high-flowing port design and efficient combustion chambers greatly enhance power and torque. To help build the 8.1L or any other engine for that matter, Dart has also gotten into the assembly lube market. The stuff is great for pre-lubing bearings, cams, lifters, and valvetrain components. Dart assembly lube eliminates dry starts and prevents seizing, galling, and scuffing.

Dart Machinery

Motor Mount and Crossmember Sets

Chris Alston's Chassisworks just finished combining two of the company's products into one sweet package. The billet-aluminum motor mount and tubular transmission crossmember sets are available for '64-72 Chevelles (A-body), '67-69 Camaros (F-body), and '68-74 Novas (X-body). Since these are a matched set, it will make engine and trans installations and swaps easier to deal with.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks

Sucp 1203 18 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Chris Alstons Chassisworks Motor Mount And Crossmember 34/100

Fender Finisher and HVLP Paint Gun

Eastwood has two new tools to help you build a better ride. The Evolution HVLP paint gun is a uniquely versatile piece that features a high-tech, composite ergonomic body, allowing you to paint for long periods of time without fatigue. The pneumatic fender former was developed to provide additional fender-to-tire clearance on lowered vehicles or vehicles with larger wheel sizes. The main feature of the tool is that it can perform the fender rolling without the need to jack the vehicle and remove the wheel.

Eastwood Co.

Adjustable Pivot-Style Sway-Bar End Link

Universal pivot-style, adjustable-length sway bar end links that will help you get sway bar alignment perfect. No more cutting bolts and tubing to get it just right, Energy offers these in four different sizes each offering 1 inch of adjustability.

Energy Suspension

Sucp 1203 36 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Energy Suspension Adjustable Pivot Style Sway Bar End Links 37/100

A Rack and a Column

Flaming River is well-known for its tilt columns, and it just came out with a collapsible tilt-key steering column. The unit is modeled after the popular OEM muscle-car design and includes tilt and an integrated GM ignition key built directly into the column at the three-o'clock position. For the autocross crowd, the company created the road-race power rack-and-pinion. It features a quick ratio and an adjustable positive-lock rack gear that will not back away from the pinion.

Flaming River Industries Inc.

Fifth-Gen Cooling

Flex-a-lite has two new products to keep the fifth-gen F-car cool, the Flex-a-fit radiator and electric fan combination and the direct-fit automatic transmission cooler for 2010-2011 V-8 Camaros. The radiator offers three times more cooling surface and twice the core thickness compared to the stock radiator for significantly better cooling. The transmission cooler is a direct-fit kit specific for these cars, including a bracket system, fittings, hose, and hardware needed for a clean installation.

Flex-a-lite Consolidated

Bolt-On Rear Coilover Kit, '58-64 Impalas

New from Global West Suspension is a bolt-on rear coilover kit for '58-64 Impalas. Rear coilover suspension provides adjustable ride height and most importantly, a wide selection of springs for fine-tuning. The kit includes an upper crossmember, rear lower arms in either steel aluminum (as shown), single- or double-adjustable shocks, street springs, brackets, and hardware.

Global West Suspension

Hawk Performance Wheel

Hawk Performance, known for its great brake pads and rotors, is getting into the rim market with the Merlin-series, multipiece forged-aluminum wheels. Info on sizing is still unavailable, but we know these are going to be three-piece forged aluminum rims with the classic muscle car in mind.

Hawk Performance

Sucp 1203 42 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Hawk Performance Wheels Rotors And Brake Pads 42/100

LS Swap Kit and Two-Piece Timing Cover

The Hedman Performance Group had two LS-based offerings at the show. There was the Hedman Husler's bolt-in LS engine-swap kit with headers for '62-67 Novas with 4L60E or T56 transmission. This kit gives you all the matching components needed to properly fit an LS drivetrain into the little Nova. From the Hamburger's line there was the billet aluminum two-piece timing cover for LS1/LS6 and Gen III engines. It has an O-ring seal for single or Comp Cams double roller chain and allows you to switch your camshaft without removing your oil pan and crank pulley.

Hedman Performance Group

Camaro Coilovers and Shocks

Bilstein had the Camaro platform in its sights and came out with a set of fifth-gen adjustable coilovers and first-gen Camaro drag race shocks. The coilovers are a ride-height damping-adjustable kit that is designed to lower vehicles 30 mm to 50 mm and feature 10-stage precise compression and rebound settings. They are made to bolt right in, and front and rear sets are available. The drag shocks have monotube construction with a self-adjusting piston that offers great performance out of an economical, stock-mount shock.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Bullet Proof Brake Booster Hose

Hose Candy, maker of high-end vacuum hose kits, has created the Bullet Proof Brake Booster Hose. The affordable kit lets you make something usually overlooked into something nice-looking that will last.

Phoenix Systems

Sucp 1203 47 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Phoenix Systems Bullet Proof Brake Booster Hose 47/100

Fifth-Gen and G-Body Suspension

Hotchkis Performance had a bunch of cool stuff at SEMA, but the best in our mind was the 2011 Camaro convertible Race Pack TVS kit and the '78-88 GM A/G Body tubular control arms. The Race Pack system is designed to improve handling and performance on the latest droptop by replacing the springs, sway bars, and end links and adding chassis and strut braces. The company also added a killer set of geometry-corrected, tubular upper and lower A-arms for the G-body platform.

Hotchkis Performance

First- and Second-Gen Camaro Column

We recently installed one of these ididit columns, and it's a killer unit. For the '67-75 Camaros, the column features an eight-position tilt, factory key location, relay-based ignition switch, and a GM top shaft so the OE steering wheel fits. This column also has year specific wiring plug, ignition, and collapsible features. You can get it in three finishes: black, paintable, or polished.

ididit Inc.

Sucp 1203 50 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Ididit Inc Chevy Camaro Steering Columns 50/100

Chevelle Vinyl Tops

Legendary Auto Interiors has just put the finishing touches on the GM '64-72 A-body Levant grain vinyl top. Now you can put the proper-looking vinyl top on your ride instead of something that almost looks right. Another great feature is this top has the correct backing on it instead of the water-soaking fuzzy stuff that is on the market today.

Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd.

Sucp 1203 51 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Legendary Auto Interiors Chevy Chevelle Vinyl Tops 51/100

Billet Shifter Levers and Drive-by-Wire Control

Lokar is making a few cool products for late-model engine swaps. The billet aluminum Tremec shifter levers for TKO 500 and TKO 600 transmissions offer different angles and lengths to get the shifter right where you need it. Lokar partnered with Williams Controls in developing this programmable, electronic, drive-by-wire throttle pedal for the automotive aftermarket.

Lokar Performance Products

Pivot Plate

Mac's Pivot makes removing and installing engines a breeze with up to 35 degrees of fine articulation. It fits most carbureted intakes, and there is an LS adapter available.

Mac's Custom Tie Downs

Sucp 1203 55 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Macs Customs Tie Downs Pivot Plate 54/100

LS3/L92 4.100-Inch Stroke Pistons

The Mahle Motorsports GM LS3/L92 4.100-inch-stroke PowerPak piston assemblies come complete with dual-coated pistons, German steel pins, race-proven round wire locks, and a performance ring set.

Mahle Motorsports

Sucp 1203 56 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Mahle Motorsports Ls3 L92 Stroke Pistons 55/100

Sport-Track All-Inclusive Serpentine Kits

March is looking out for the builder on a budget with this low-cost "all-inclusive" serpentine kit for Chevy small-blocks. CNC-machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum, all accessories including alternator, A/C compressor, power steering unit, water pump, pulleys, brackets, and all mounting hardware are in the kit.

March Performance Inc.

Sucp 1203 57 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 March Performance Sport Track Serpentine Kit 56/100

Mozez Tunnel Ram Intake

Looking for something a little different for your LS build? The new line of Mast Black Label CNC two-piece tunnel-ram intakes will support 1,000+ hp NA and 3,000+ hp when boosted with a turbocharger.

Mast Motorsports

Sucp 1203 58 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Mast Motorsports Mozez Tunnel Ram Intake 57/100

Wash Anywhere and Brake Dust Barrier

Meguiar's has two new car care products for 2011. The Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere safely washes away dirt and grime with no hose or bucket and leaves behind a show-car finish. The Brake Dust Barrier creates a barrier between dirt and rims, making wheels easier to clean. Simply hose down wheels and watch dirt fall off.

Meguiar's Inc

Sucp 1203 59 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Meguiars Wash Anywhere And Brake Dust Barrier 58/100

Vette C5 Seals

Tired of the drip-drip in your Vette? Metro Moulded Parts manufactures replacement rear targa top seals for C5 Corvette ('97-04) coupes. They are USA-made and backed by a 30-year warranty.

Metro Moulded Parts Inc.

Sucp 1203 60 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Metro Moulded Parts Chevy Corvette C5 Seals 59/100

9.5-Inch Camaro SS Differential Assembly

If your fifth-gen is making gobs of power, then Lingenfelter has something for you. The heavy-duty, aluminum, 9.5-inch differential assembly for 2010-up Camaro is a direct fit to the existing differential mounts. It's available with 3.42, 3.73, 4.10, and 4.56 ratios.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Sucp 1203 52 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Lingerfelter Performance Engineering 9 5 Inch Chevy Camaro Differential Assembly 60/100

Synthetic Wax and Water Spot Remover for Glass

Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax provides depth, shine, and protection in an easy-to-apply, effortless-to-remove formula. Hard Water Spot Remover for Glass removes stubborn hard water spots and stains. It's perfect for improving vision and clarity to all glass surfaces.

Mothers Polishes

Quick Links and FireStorm CD Ignition

The Quick Disconnect sway-bar end links allow you to easily disconnect the front sway bar on a fifth-gen Camaro for track use without tools or lifting the vehicle. The FireStorm CD Ignition is a new ignition control that will expand capabilities significantly beyond current ignition functions focusing on early- and late-model applications.

Mr. Gasket/Prestolite Performance

LS Coil Brackets and Atomic EFI

MSD is making these direct replacements for the stamped-metal stock coil mounts to enhance the LS's appearance, especially when paired with MSD's multiple spark coils. One of the coolest things at the SEMA Show was MSD's Atomic EFI system. MSD touts it as the easiest throttle-body EFI system available. It requires only eight connections and a single fuel line with no PC programming necessary to function.

MSD Ignition

ProLine Rectangular Control Panel

Take control of your Vintage Air Gen IV 3 Lever with this machined aluminum slide control panel. It features a polished bezel and knobs with a matte Mylar face. It's available in black-anodized finish as well and installs in either a vertical or horizontal position.

Vintage Air Inc.

Sucp 1203 99 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Vintage Air Proline Rectangular Control Panel 67/100

Hurricane A/C & Heater System

New from Old Air is the Hurricane In-dash air conditioning, heater, and defrost combo for the '68-69 Chevelle. It mounts to the firewall and offers the choice of either an electronic slide control or integrated switching using original factory controls. Unique modular design provides tri-level cold or warm airflow.

Old Air Products

Sucp 1203 67 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Old Air Products Hurricane Ac Heater System 68/100

Digital Battery Charger

Optima took time away from creating batteries to come out with a charger. This microprocessor-controlled charger charges, conditions, and maintains 12V AGM (Optima-style) and flooded batteries. It can recover deeply discharged batteries and extends battery life.

Optima Batteries

Sucp 1203 68 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Optima Batteries Digital Battery Charger 69/100

Fifth-Gen Headers and Severe-Duty SBC

Procomp Electronics had a lot to show off this year. Two of the best were the fifth-gen Camaro headers and a severe-duty block. The headers features a four-into-one design with merged collectors providing a 15hp gain. The block is a fully machined 350 Chevrolet block with billet main caps. It is line-honed and decked with 9.025 lifter bores that are machined and matched—basically it's ready to assemble.

Procomp Electronics

LS Valve Covers and SBC Dress-Up

LS Valve Covers and SBC Dress-Up Specialty Auto Parts, alias Proform, has got all your dress-up needs covered. Chevy Orange is the rage right now, so Proform released the complete orange and black kit. For the LS owner, the company cast up the Slant-Edge valve covers. It will display the Chevrolet and Bowtie emblems with pride as they burst through a sea of wires and tangle.

Specialty Auto Parts

Fifth-Gen Subframe Bushings

These polyurethane rear subframe bushings from Prothane Products give the car a precise feel and react to your steering inputs quickly. Additionally, standing-start launches will be more controlled and wheelhop will be drastically reduced.

Prothane Products

Sucp 1203 73 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Prothane Products Fifth Gen Subframe Bushings 74/100

Tubular Control Arms and Bolt-In Rear Coilover Kit

QA1 control arms reduce unsprung weight while improving weight distribution in race applications. QA1's arms for GM applications utilize the company's low-friction adjustable ball-joints. The Chevelle bolt-in rear coilover kit is available in single- and double-adjustable configurations, along with multiple spring-rate options.

QA1 Motorsports

Modified Underhood Crossbrace

Real Deal Steel has something for the non-billet crowd. The steel underhood brace for the '57 Chevy is modified to allow use of a center-outlet radiator mounted in front of the core support. This is needed for long water pump and big-block installations.

Real Deal Steel

Sucp 1203 76 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Real Deal Steel Chevy Underhood Crossbrace 77/100

Fifth-Gen Quarter Molding

Retro USA's '10-11 Camaro Quarter Moldings are a replica of the shark gill moldings on the '69. They are available in chrome and black, all chrome, and paintable finishes.

Retro USA Inc.

Sucp 1203 77 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Retro Usa Fifth Gen Quarter Molding 78/100

Tru Turn Steering System

Ridetech's Tru Turn system utilizes new steering components that are engineered to minimize bumpsteer and allow the use of a 10-inch-wide wheel and 275mm front tire for the '67-69 Camaro and '68-74 Nova.


Sucp 1203 78 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Ridetech Chevy Camaro Chevy Nova Tru Turn System 79/100

Two New Rims

Rocket Racing Wheels had two new styles at the show. The Rocket Injector and the Rocket Strike are a traditional hot-rod wheel design. Multiple finishes, backspacing, and widths are available so you can match the perfect rocket to your ride.

Rocket Racing Wheels

Tranzilla SFI Adapter Plate

This kit from Rockland Standard Gear makes it possible to bolt the Tremec TR6060 and Magnum six-speed transmission to an SFI-rated steel bellhousing for the 2010-up Camaro. The kit is supplied with a Qwik Time SFI bellhousing.

Rockland Standard Gear Inc.

Sucp 1203 81 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Rockland Standard Gear Tranzilla Sfi Adapter Plate 82/100

Express Series Switch Panels

These switch panel systems from Ron Francis Wiring come with a brushed stainless faceplate and high-amperage, race-ready switches. Several versions are available to fit your application.

Ron Francis Wiring

Sucp 1203 82 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Ron Francis Wiring Express Series Switch Panels 83/100

10W30 Oil

Royal Purple has added a few new synthetic oils to its lineup. The HPS-series motor oil is specifically formulated to maximize performance and meet the demands of high-performance and modified engines.

Royal Purple Inc.

Sucp 1203 83 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Royal Purple 10w30 Hps Oil 84/100

Drag Steering Wheel

Shutt Auto has created a steering wheel for those drag racers who want something nice to hang onto. The wheel is made of aluminum and features a coarse texture to improve grip and a matte-black finish for killer looks.

Shutt Auto Accessories Inc.

Sucp 1203 84 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Shutt Auto Accessories Drag Steering Wheel 85/100

High-Output Supercharger

SLP now offers high-output, positive-displacement, TVS 2300 superchargers for LS-based Camaros, Corvettes, and trucks. It replaces the factory intake manifold and will have those back tires smokin' in no time. The kit comes complete and ready to install.

SLP Performance Parts

Sucp 1203 85 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Slp Performance Parts Tvs 2300 Supercharger 86/100

Quarter-Window Seals

Nobody likes his '69-75 Chevelle windows whistling while cruising down the road. SoffSeal now makes these inner rear vertical quarter-window seals to block out the wind and water from getting into your ride—when the windows are up anyway.

SoffSeal Inc.

Sucp 1203 86 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Soffseal Chevy Chevelle Quarter Window Seals 87/100

Front Drive Systems

CFR Performance now offers budget-minded front drive systems for the small-block. The set comes with a long water pump, complete pulley, bracket, and pump det. It is available in machined and chrome finishes and retails in the $600 range.

CFR Performance

Sucp 1203 17 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Cfr Performance Front Drive System 88/100

Ball Joint R and R Tool

This new tool from SP Tools is an innovative approach to servicing ball joints. It removes and installs lower ball joints on the car versus removing the steering knuckle and using a shop press.

SP Tools

Sucp 1203 87 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Sp Tools Ball Joing R And R Tool 89/100

Adjustable Upper and Lower Control Arms

Specialty Products just finished production on these adjustable control arms. The upper and fixed changed lower arms are perfect for fine-tuning alignment angle for second-gen F-bodies.

Specialty Products Co.

Sucp 1203 88 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Specialty Products Adjustable Upper And Lower Control Arm 90/100

Racing Series Shift Knob

Dress up the shifter with this 2-1/8-inch-diameter shift knob. It has three racing stripes and shift pattern with several colors available. The subsurface graphics will not wear off, and an optional 12V momentary switch is available.

Speed Dawg Shift Knobs

Sucp 1203 89 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Speed Dawg Shift Knobs Racing Series 91/100

Eight-Piston Brakes

SSBC now has a V-8 brake kit that features eight-piston calipers and new rotors designed for early muscle cars with 17-inch-or-larger aftermarket wheels.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.

Sucp 1203 90 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Stainless Steel Breaks Corp Ssbc Eight Piston Brake Calipers 92/100

Universal LS Hose Relocation Kit

TechAFX has a great product to help you clean up your GM LS V-8 conversion with the Universal Hose Relocation kit. Use this kit to move the hoses to a cleaner place for better underhood appearance.


Sucp 1203 91 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Techafx Ls Hose Relocation Kit 93/100

Storm Fifth-Gen Brake System

The Storm system uses patented F5 Tornado zero-drag calipers and ProCast two-piece rotors for maximum brake torque output and weight reduction. Slap these suckers on your Camaro for less rolling resistance and better stopping power.

The Brake Man Inc.

Sucp 1203 92 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 The Brake Man Chevy Camaro Storm Brake System 94/100

Signature Series Big Brake Kit

Bold looks and big performance define the Signature line of brake kits for '55-64 Biscayne, Bel-Air, Impala, etc. Front wheel kit as seen retails for $745. Four-wheel conversions from $1,345.

The Right Stuff Detailing

Sucp 1203 93 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 The Right Stuff Detailing Signature Series Big Brake Kit 95/100

Sport Seats

TMI's '64-72 Chevelle Sport Seats blend classic style with modern sport seat performance. The redesigned foam and covers are made to install on the original frame, and once on offer a lot more bolster to hold you in the seat without switching to full-on race seats that don't match the rest of the interior.

TMI Products Inc.

Sucp 1203 94 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Tmi Products Chevy Chevelle Sport Seats 96/100

Four-Terminal Mini Starter

The four-terminal solenoid from Top Street Performance makes installation a breeze by adding a direct 12V power source at the solenoid, which is not usually found on mini starters. No more altering the factory wire harness or spade terminals with this convenient setup. The starter is rated at 3hp and will work on big- and small-block engines.

Top Street Performance

Sucp 1203 95 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Top Street Performance Four Terminal Mini Starter 97/100

Camaro Rear Lift-Gate Hinge Kit

This rear lift-gate hinge repair kit will get your lift gate working smoothly again once you take the time to put it in. It's made for the '93-02 Camaros. The company also has a full line of door-hinge repair kits.

Total Automotive Inc.


Sucp 1203 96 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Total Automotive Chevy Camaro Rear Lift Gate Hinge 98/100

Twisted Wedge Heads

Trick Flow's Twisted Wedge Track Heat 185 cylinder heads feature new 100-percent-street-ported CNC runners and CNC-profiled chambers for fully CNC-ported performance at a very affordable price.

Trick Flow Specialties

Sucp 1203 97 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Trick Flow Specialties Twisted Wedge Heads 99/100

Early Vette Rack

While the early Vettes are great to look at, the steering system left a lot to be desired. Unisteer now makes this rack-and-pinion steering kit for '58-62 Corvettes. The kit includes pump, accessories, hose kit, and shaft kit for easy installation.

Unisteer Performance Products

Sucp 1203 98 Aftermarket Overload Top 99 Products From Sema 2011 Unisteer Performance Products Chevy Corvette Steering System 100/100



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