2011 Super Chevy Show, Spokane - Northwest Revival

After a 10-year hiatus, the Super Chevy Show series returned to the Pacific Northwest for some hot Bow Tie action.

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Toyo Tires Autocross Winners

Advanced Class:

Winner: Jay Weir, Speedtech, ’72 Nova, 25.7 seconds
R/U: James Winkler, Total Cost Involved, ’68 Camaro, 25.9 seconds

Spectre Performance Novice Class:

Winner: Chuck Wite, ’86 Corvette, 27.0 seconds
R/U: Glen Barnes, ’74 Nova, 29.7 seconds

Ladies Class:

Winner: Sandy Roman, ’06 Monte Carlo, 32.5 seconds
R/U: Rose Resson, ’93 Camaro, 33.6 seconds

Bracket Race Results D.O.T:

Winner: Terry Downard, ’79 Chevy El Camino
R/U: Charles Quillin, ’65 Chevy El Camino

DriveDuracell.com Bracket 1:

Winner: Jessica Juel, ’00 dragster
R/U: Tom Clark, ’67 Chevelle

Bracket 2:

Jim Bonner, ’73 Vega
R/U: Duke Omsted, ’69 Camaro

Here are the Spokane, Washington, winners from the AMSOIL best of the best competition, presented by danchuk:

Camaro – Brendeon Schoening, ’69 RS Camaro

Sucp 1112 28 O Super Chevy Show Spokane 57 Bel Air 8/33

Tri-Five – John Solomon, ’57 Bel Air convertible

Sucp 1112 29 O Super Chevy Show Spokane 69 RS 9/33

Nova – Kara Dawson, ’71 Nova

Sucp 1112 31 O Super Chevy Show Spokane 71 10/33

Chevelle – ’70 Chevelle SS454

Sucp 1112 30 O Super Chevy Show Spokane 70 Chevelle 11/33

Fullsize, ’58-up – Danny Penner, ’62 Bel Air

Sucp 1112 32 O Super Chevy Show Spokane 62 Bel 12/33

The AMSOIL Best of the Best voting begins the Monday after each Super Chevy Show and lasts through the following Sunday at midnight. Keep your browser aimed at bestofthebest.superchevy.com to vote for next batch of classic Bow Ties.




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