2011 Super Chevy Show Palm Beach - Sunshine Showtime

The 2011 Super Chevy Show season kicked off with a return to one of its founding tracks

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Seems like it was just yesterday that the last Super Chevy Show of 2010 was held at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix. Well, it was a whirlwind winter and early spring here at Super Chevy magazine, and before we knew it, the time had come for the first event of the '11 campaign, held at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) in Jupiter, Florida.

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PBIR has a long relationship with our namesake show series. Formerly known as Moroso Motorsports Park, PBIR hosted one of the inaugural "Super Chevy Sunday" events. That first year wasn't the success some had hoped for, but in the second year it turned into a monster that jammed traffic for miles in every direction. Today, PBIR is owned by a group of professional racers and car collectors. This group recently finished a major revamp of the facility, including modernizing the dragstrip and road course. (The same group recently bought Memphis Motorsports Park, which is currently undergoing renovations to return to operation later this year.)

To start the '11 season, the Super Chevy Show returned to its roots. The weekend's fun started on Friday, with a long-distance cruise from National Parts Depot's Ocala, Florida, headquarters to the track. While the cruise turnout could have been larger, it was still a fun ride and more enjoyable than the mundane high-speed cruise down a nondescript interstate.

For Saturday and Sunday of the show, it was a nonstop action-fest at the dragstrip, on the autocross course, and in the car show lane. The swap meet area was huge for the bargain hunters and on the midway on Saturday, we hosted the worldwide debut of Joel Rosen's 2011 Motion Performance Phase III GT Supercharged Camaro. The 800-horse beast is the first car off the line in the return of Motion's Fantastic Five, which are for sale from Denooyer Chevrolet and built by Redline Motorsports. c

Drag Results

Pro Mod
Matthew Buck (1996 Haas, Lantana, FL) 4.454 at 164.39 mph def. Keith Russell (1999 Camaro, Jupiter, FL) 5.065 at 115.96 mph

Sunday Drive Duracell.com Class (Bracket 1)
Randy Weber (1997 Undercover, Loxahatchee, FL) 8.033 at 157.43 def. Warren Sharpe (1984 Z 28, Hobe Sound, FL) 10.437 at 128.86 mph.

Sunday Bracket 2 (Pro)
Manny Sousa (1966 Chevy II, Bradenton, FL) 18.267 at 57.47 def. Brien Radley (1965 Nova, Belleview, FL) 17.793 at 47.45 mph.

Stock/Super Stock
Brien Radley (1987 Firebird, Belleview, FL) 10.524 at 125.47 mph def. Anthony Puleo (1985 Camaro, Palm Beach Gardens, FL) 11.542 at 113.53 mph.

Derek Putnam (1970 Nova, Gainesville, FL) 11.304 at 110.83 mph def. Sonny Freeland (1973 Chevy, Davie, FL) 17.112 at 78.70 mph.

Quick 16 Dragster
Steve Dweck (1997 Horton, Hollywood, FL) 7.401 at 176.60 mph def. Mike Lago (1997 Mullis, Lantana, FL) 7.204 at 187.83 mph.

Quick 16 Door Car
Joe Puleo (1981 Corvette, Royal Palm Beach, FL) 5.715 at 120.62 mph def. Johnny Casquilla (1988 Camaro, Lake Worth, FL) 5.461 at 125.40 mph.

Saturday DriveDuracell.com Class (Super Pro) Bonus Race
Steve Dweck (1997 Horton, Hollywood, FL) 7.538 at 160.48 mph def. Claude DeBonis (2008 Worthy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 7.274 at 173.72 mph.

Saturday Bracket 2 (Pro) Bonus Race
A.J. Issman (1973 Nova, Deerfield Beach, FL) 10.891 at 102.01 mph def. Manny Sousa (1966 Chevy II, Bradenton, FL) foul.

True Street
1. Mark Dixon (Stuart, FL, 1982 Camaro)
2. Derek Putnam (Gainesville, FL, 1970 Nova)
3. Stephen Symmes (Lake Worth, FL, 1966 Chevy)
4. Matthew Boettcher (Ft. Pierce, FL, 1980 Monte Carlo)
5. Chris Neely (Palm City, FL, 1985 Caballero)

Fifth-Gen Camaro Shootout
Stephen Vignon (2010 Camaro SS, Miami, FL) 11.917 at 118.59 mph def. Kelly Fromm (St. Augustine, FL, 2010 Camaro) 15.119 at 104.35 mph.




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