2011 Super Chevy Show Tour Hosted By Maple Grove Raceway

The Fifth of Twelve Super Chevy Show Events July 15-17

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2011 Super Chevy Show – Drag Racing

Professional Show

First Strike & Top Secret - Jet Funny Cars

Jill Canuso’s Queen of Diamonds vs. Elaine Larsen - Jet Dragsters

Danny O’Day’s Windup Pickup wheelstander

Chevy’s Against the World Pro-mod Naturally Aspirated 8 Car Field

Chevy’s Against the World Pro-mod Super Charged 8 Car Field

NHRA NED Super Stock and Stock Circuit

Sportsman Classes

Bracket 1 (Super Pro)

7:00 - 19:99 Slicks & Electronics; defer to host track rules

Bracket 2 (Pro)

7:00 - 19:99 Slicks & No Electronics; defer to host track rules


Any Dial-Ins D.O.T. Street Tires & Mufflers required, No Electronics; defer to host track rules

5th Generation Camaro

Open to all 5th Generation Camaros, same rules as DOT class

True Street

"Real Street Machines"; DOT Street Tires & Mufflers required

Note: All classes must be Chevy bodied or Chevy powered!

    Sunday Bracket Payout Winner R/U Semi 1/4 1/8
    Shoebox Shootout $2,000 $1,000 $500 $100 $50
    DriveDuracell.com Bracket 1 $3,000 $1,500 $500 $200 $100
    Bracket 2 $1,500 $600 $200 $100 $75
    D.O.T. $1000 $400 $125 $100 $75

    Fifth Generation Camaro $250 100 $60
    Last Chance $2000 $750 $500 $100


2011 Super Chevy Show – Car Show

Big Car

(Includes Impala, Biscayne and Caprice)

1949 - 1954

1958 - 1989

1990 & Newer


1964 - 1967

1968 & Newer

El Camino

All El Caminos


Pre - 1949

1949 & Newer

Class includes all non-Chevrolet bodied vehicles with Chevrolet power and all Chevrolet bodied vehicles with non-Chevrolet power

Early Chevy

1900 - 1935

1936 - 1948

Chevrolet bodies and powered cars and trucks


All Chevrolet's not included in specific category - Through Current Model Year






1993 & Newer


1953 - 1967


1984 & Newer

Monte Carlo (All)

Chevrolet 55,56,57

Nova 1962-1967

Nova 1968 and Newer

Traditional Rod

Low Rider

Pro Street

All Chevrolet vehicles with 75% of an original frame or altered original frame (including rear end narrowed), having a physically narrowed rear end wheel tubs or factory

Pro Engineered

All Chevrolet vehicles, which have a complete tube chassis, from radiator to rear bumper (round or square). Must have a physically narrowed rear end and wheel tubs. All tube chassis drag cars and off road will compete in this class. ________________________________________ Pick Up Truck

1949 - 1972 Two Wheel Drive Full Size

1973-1987 Two Wheel Drive Full Size

1988 & Newer Two Wheel Drive Full Size

Mini Pickup truck Two Wheel Drive

Full Size Sport Utility Vehicle/Mini Sport Utility Two Wheel Drive

4x4 Full Size & Mini Pickup 4x4

4x4 Full Size & Mini Utility Vehicle 4x4

Gold Class - All extensively done Show Vehicles. Undercarriage will be examined to determine eligibility, and a final decision will be rendered by consensus of the Car Show Officials. The Supervisor decision is final and the entry would compete in the Gold Class. The registration procedure remains the same for all vehicles. All entries will register for their normally assigned class and the Judging Supervisor will make the registration change and provide the owner with a new classification card. Gold Class entrants will be reassigned a parking area and will be grouped together. Winners will be awarded in separate categories as appropriate, as well as appropriate "Best" awards


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