2010 Bristol Super Chevy Show - Thunder Rainy valley - Super Chevy Show, Bristol

The 2010 Bristol Super Chevy Show Couldn't Escape Mother Nature's Wrath, But We Still Managed To Have One Dry Day Of Bow Tie Fun

Patrick Hill Mar 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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It was my ninth Super Chevy Show of the year, and after the excitement of the other eight, I was out of breath. Still recovering from the action at the Houston event, I was feeling a bit worn down as I pulled into the show area at Bristol Dragway in Tennessee. But all it took was exposure to the enthusiasm of the Chevy fanatics who had come out in force to revitalize my spirit.

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Unfortunately, this year's show in "Thunder Valley" was only going to be a one-day affair. We'd played Russian roulette with rain at the Houston, Topeka, Norwalk, and Virginia shows earlier in the year, but came out on top with two days of fun. This time our number was up, and Sunday morning dawned with a drenching rain that washed out the day's festivities.

But Saturday was still a great day. At the dragstrip, racers were filling the lanes for their sprints down the 1320, and in the show-car area the rows were packed with great Bow Ties ranging from all original to full-on restomod. The photos are more entertaining than my words, so I'll quit my scribbling and let you, the readers, get to looking.

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