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The Super Chevy Show Series Made Its Second Stop In The Lone Star State At Houston Raceway Park.

Patrick Hill Feb 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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For the eighth stop of the year, the Super Chevy Show landed in the asphalt-melting summer atmosphere of Houston. Saturday morning dawned with a cruise to the track and local dealership Ron Craft Chevrolet hosting the start. Little did Editor Jim Campisano and I know that we would end up chasing and photographing a wagon train of 200-plus cars to the show. It was so big we thought the cops were going to put the cuffs on the cruise because of the necessary traffic control. But luckily for us, the local sheriff's deputies went the extra mile keeping everything safe and running smoothly.

Sucp_1102_01_o 2010_super_chevy_show_houston_raceway_park Wide_event_shot 2/27

Track general manager Seth Angel and his crew really went all out to welcome the series back to HRP. The whole staff made sure the event ran like a top, and despite the overwhelming heat ensuring fans were having a great time. Many will be relieved to know that for 2011, the Houston event will be held in the middle of October when cooler temps will prevail.

Sucp_1102_02_o 2010_super_chevy_show_houston_raceway_park Registration 3/27

Race Results, Sunday
Super Pro - Manuel Hernandez, San Antonio, TX, '85 Camaro, 12.287, 114.44 def. Van Arnold, Houston, TX, '67 Chevy, 10.257, 145.70

Foot Brake - Dewayne League, Deer Park, TX, '02 Camaro Z28, 10.955, 116.17 def. Rickey Nelson, Houston, TX, '69 Camaro, 10.681, 122.62

Bonus Bracket - Manuel Hernandez, San Antonio, TX, '85 Camaro, 12.310, 116.10 def. Dewayne League, Deer Park, TX, '98 Mullis, 10.933, 122.21

Advanced Jr. Dragster - Boyd Hightower, Crosby, TX, '05 Hardens, 7.919, 84.00 def. Brianna Maitland, Brenham, TX, '09 RPC Gunsling, 7.936, 83.00

Sportsman Jr. Dragster - Braden Savage, Angelton, TX, Dragster, 9.939, 73.42 def. Austin Thornton, LaPorte, TX, 8.925, 73.19




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