Super Chevy Show Bandimere Series - Mile High Bow Ties

After A Long Absence, The Super Chevy Show Returns To Bandimere Speedway To An Enthusiastic Crowd.

Patrick Hill Jan 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)

Stop number seven on the 2010 Super Chevy Show circuit had us landing in the Centennial State of Colorado. Quick fun fact about that nickname: Colorado achieved statehood in 1876, the centennial anniversary of the United States. Knowledge is power; use it wisely.

Back to the subject at hand, after missing my flight from Tampa (insert colorful tall tale that proclaims my innocence here) I arrived in Denver six hours late and met up with Super Chevy publisher Ed Zinke and headed out to Bandimere Speedway to check things out and get the lay of the land. John Bandimere Jr. and his crew at Thunder Mountain pulled out all the stops for the weekend, welcoming back the Super Chevy Show after a six-year absence from one of the oldest NHRA major event tracks in the country.

Bandimere Speedway is a fascinating facility, featuring a proprietary "Track Cooling System" that is unique to the sport of drag racing. The system lies in the concrete launch pad and circulates chilled water from a pair of 12,000-gallon underground tanks through over 15,000 foot of lines in the launch pad. The cooled area is 200-foot long-40 feet behind the starting line to 160 feet past the starting line. Track temperature probes in the concrete, as well as surface reading show temperature reductions between 15-25 degrees.


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