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Super Chevy Show Maple Grove Series - Rockin' The Grove

The Pennsylvania Hills Were Echoing From The Sounds Of Hot Bow Tie Action.

Patrick Hill Dec 1, 2010

Through the long history of the Super Chevy Show series, the Maple Grove event has always been one of the biggest. This year's extravaganza was no exception, with 345 show cars and over 800 racer tech cards sold for the weekend.

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Track general manager Lex Dudas and the crew at Maple Grove Raceway kept everything running smoothly. The action was pretty much non-stop on the track side, while the Super Chevy Show staff were sorting through row after row of great Bow Tie iron on the car show side.

One of the highlights this year was an appearance by drag racing legend and Pennsylvania native Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins. Grumpy was on hand to sign autographs and even hand out his own Top 10 show car awards. Imagine the honor of having your car singled out by "Da Grump" for a trophy. In addition, the True Street racing class was back out in force and there was an absolutely killer Stock/Super Stock combo race.

Revell Make 'N Take Model Building
This year's show had a special bonus for the younger attendees. Sponsored by model maker Revell and hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Model Car Club, the Make 'N Take allowed children to build their own super Chevy that they could take home for free. The kits were '57 Chevys from Revell's popular Snap Tite line, with no glue or paint required for full assembly.

Rick Haas, Revell's marketing director had this to say, "We are excited to be sponsoring Make 'N Take with the Super Chevy organization. Many of our most popular model kits are Chevrolet products. All of our model kits are designed with exacting detail and authenticity to scale. Car and model enthusiasts value this attention to accuracy. The kids will build a car at the event and later visit a local Revell retailer to purchase another model. This makes kids aware of the model building hobby."

Rick added, "The baby boomer generation built plastic models during the boom years in the '60s. They are grandparents now and are looking for activities to do with the grandkids. I can speak for myself as it is much easier for me to show my grandson to build a model than for my grandson to show me how to play level 15 of a video game."

The Make 'N Take event was held both Saturday and Sunday, with parents helping their kids build a unique take home souvenir to remember this year's Maple Grove show. - Patrick Hill


1. Brian Wilde - Huntington, MD - '56 210 Sedan
2. Russ Fontaine - Litchfield, NH - '64 Chevelle Malibu
3. Dave Lehr - Pine Grove, PA - '56 Gasser (D/Gas)
4. Christian Jones - Aberdean, MD - '65 Malibu Pro Street
5. George and Linda Keel - Spotsylvania, VA - '34 Chevy
6. Scott Chalk - Pasadena, MD - '59 Impala Convertible
7. Aaron Presten - Telford, PA - '65 Nova Pro Street
8. Rose Long - Hagerstown, MD - '68 Yenko Tribute
9. Mike and Kelly Yannessa - Olney, PA - '67 Camaro
10. Dick Kauffman - Mountville, PA - '57 210 Del Ray

The Featherlite Transport Award: The Lipperts - Green, KS - '66 Nova
ISCA Award: Arnold Warner - Culpeper, VA - '39 Chevy Convertible
Trick Stick Award: Chris Young - Reading, PA - '67 Nova
Young Star Award: Zak Stevens - Highland, MD - '70 Chevelle

1. Scott Chalk - Pasadena, MD - '59 Impala Convertible P.I.
2. Keith Adelsberg - Finksburg, MD - '67 Bel Air
3. Zak Stevens - Highland, MD - '70 Chevelle
4. Rob Kain - Palmyra, PA - '65 Malibu
5. DM Spalding - Cream Ridge, NJ - '63 Corvette
6. Charlie Potts - Reading, PA - '55 Chevy 210
7. Jim and Judy Lippert - Green, KS - '66 Nova
8. Dick Kauffman - Mountville, PA - '57 210 Del Ray
9. Rose Long - Hagerstown, MD - '68 Yenko Tribute
10. John and Lyn Mylle - Wicky Watchie, FL - '69 RS Camaro


Shoebox Shootout
William Ahlas, '62 Nova, 0.072 reaction time, 8.947 seconds, 153.58 mph, def. Walter Adams, '67 Nova, 0.079, 9.420, 143.08.
Bracket I
Steve Dooley, '72 Nova, 0.017, 10.989, 96.16, def. Lou Vasger, '96 S&W dragster, foul -0.004, 7.752, 172.08.
Bracket II
Dan Peters, '70 Chevelle, 0.032, 12.367, 108.92, def. Kurt Holland, '79 Camaro, 0.048, 11.333, 115.07.
Joe Albrecht, '71 Nova, 0.028, 10.405, 120.01, def. Kevin Mendenhall, 0.038, 10.497, 126.60.
Last Chance
Ron Riegel, '67 Camaro, 0.038, 7.287, 186.85, def. John Jennings, 0.062, 11.737, 113.09.
East Coast Stock/Super Stock Shootout
Byron Worner, '90 Camaro, 0.042, 10.251, 121.50, def. Larry Jewell, '67 Corvette, 0.060, 9.731, 137.43.


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