Super Chevy Show Maple Grove Series - Rockin' The Grove

The Pennsylvania Hills Were Echoing From The Sounds Of Hot Bow Tie Action.

Patrick Hill Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Through the long history of the Super Chevy Show series, the Maple Grove event has always been one of the biggest. This year's extravaganza was no exception, with 345 show cars and over 800 racer tech cards sold for the weekend.

Sucp_1012_01 Super_chevy_show_maple_grove_series Show_cars 2/38

Track general manager Lex Dudas and the crew at Maple Grove Raceway kept everything running smoothly. The action was pretty much non-stop on the track side, while the Super Chevy Show staff were sorting through row after row of great Bow Tie iron on the car show side.

One of the highlights this year was an appearance by drag racing legend and Pennsylvania native Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins. Grumpy was on hand to sign autographs and even hand out his own Top 10 show car awards. Imagine the honor of having your car singled out by "Da Grump" for a trophy. In addition, the True Street racing class was back out in force and there was an absolutely killer Stock/Super Stock combo race.


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