2010 Fred Totten Memorial Shootout - The W-Motor Rides Again!

This Memorial Shootout At Thompson Raceway Park Is A Celebration Of Pre-Historic Big Block Power.

Doug Marion Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Dedicated to the memory of longtime 409 racer and friend to all W-engine devotees, Fred Totten, the Fred Totten Memorial Shootout at Thompson Raceway Park in Ohio this past June saw 70 409s entered (30 show/street machines and 40 in competition). There were 24 '62 409s-a possible record for the new millennium. You'd probably have to go back to '62 to find that many competing in one place.

Sucp_1012_01 2010_fred_totten_memorial_shootout 1962_chevy 2/20

Officially, planning began a year ago and the event went off flawlessly thanks to the efforts of '60 Chevy 409 racer Ray Barnhart. For more background, please consult the October 2009 issue of Super Chevy.

Rather than repeat said text, we'd rather use this editorial space for actual event coverage.

One of the highlights was seeing all the car owners and their families singing "Happy Birthday" to Hayden Proffitt, who was celebrating his 83rd.



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