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Super Chevy Show Hits Rockingham Dragway in 2011 - Web Exclusive

Iconic series is back at The Rock after a 10-year absence.

Jim Campisano Oct 13, 2010
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The rebirth of the Super Chevy Show series continues in 2011 with the addition of the first Super Chevy event at Rockingham Dragway in a decade. Track owner Steve Earwood announced Tuesday that the wildly-popular Super Chevy Show, the longest-enduring marque-specific speed-and-show circus, will return to his iconic racetrack next fall.

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Slotted into the series schedule in the fall of 2011, the Super Chevy Show will enhance The Rock's already strong fall program, joining the 20th annual AHDRA Jim McClure Nitro Nationals, the Lee's Performance Fall Nationals and the ADRL's record-breaking Dragstock event, which features Pro Mods and Mountain Motor Pro Stock cars.

The full release of the 2011 Super Chevy Show schedule will be released on Tuesday, October 19. The addition of the Rockingham event adds another strategic geographic area to the series, one many attendees had been clamoring for.

"We had been looking for another national series we could bring to Rockingham Dragway," Earwood said, "and the Super Chevy Show was the perfect fit, especially since it's a known commodity.

"I have a long history with the Super Chevy Show." Earwood continued. "I was fortunate enough to have promoted the inaugural Super Chevy events at six different racetracks-The Rock, Indianapolis (O'Reilly Raceway Park), Maple Grove (Reading, Pa.), Texas Motorplex (Ennis, Tex.), Atlanta Dragway and West Palm Beach (Palm Beach International, formerly Moroso Motorsports Park).

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As a the owner of a host track, Earwood also will reconnect with a bevy of former colleagues including Bill Meyer at the Texas Motorplex, Lex Dudas at Maple Grove Raceway and John Bandimere Jr. at Bandimere Speedway, all members of the track owners' consortium that now operates the Super Chevy Show.

A typical Super Chevy Show program consists of drag racing in three bracket classes, the series' signature Shoebox class and True Street, a car show, swap meet, car corral and an autocross. The show and the racing events are open only to Chevy-powered or Chevy-bodied cars and trucks.

"There's a standard show," Earwood acknowledged, "but one of the great things is that the track operators have some flexibility with regard to the races at their own tracks. So, we'll put together a customized event that'll be geared to our racers and spectators. It's an exciting addition to our 2011 program."

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