New Model Arrivals Party - Fall Anticipation

Back In The '50s, When The New Models Arrived At The Local Chevy Dealership, It Was A Great Excuse To Have A Party.

Patrick Hill Oct 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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It's tough not to get nostalgic for the good old days if you're a car guy. Compared with today's automotive landscape, the '50s and '60s were truly the golden years for gearheads. While the debut of a new model car now is usually greeted with the same excitement one gives opening a new jar of mayonnaise, back then, model debuts in the fall were welcomed with the excitement and passion of a baby being born. To heighten the excitement, dealers would block off the windows so the excited crowds outside couldn't see the newest Chevy iron being rolled onto the showroom floor.

By 1957, Chevy was riding higher than ever. The radically styled '55 and '56 cars were tremendous sales successes, and no longer was Chevy a ho-hum brand in the General Motors lineup. For 1957, the best was yet to come, with the Bel Air/210/150 series of cars receiving another major facelift that would herald the arrival of an automotive icon.

A few months ago, we were contacted by George Eischen, a salesman at Eischen Chevrolet in Fairview, Oklahoma. George had some old photos he wanted to share with our readers. They had come from a longtime salesman for an old Chevy dealer in Enid, Oklahoma, Howard Way, who had died. The cleaners were going to throw away boxes of old dealer photos Howard had kept, so George rushed down and saved every one of them.

The pictures you see here are from a party Northcutt Chevrolet held for local people to attend so they could be seduced by the "Sweet, Smooth And Sassy" '57s. Attendees were given free (glass) bottles of cold 7UP, and kids got balloons, to enjoy while getting a close up look at all the majestic new models. Thanks, George.




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