2010 Super Chevy Show Virginia Series - Goin' Nuts In Virginia!

The Revamped Super Chevy Show Series Came Storming Into Virginia With A Rebel Yell And Some Hot Bow Tie Action.

Patrick Hill Aug 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

After our dance in the desert at Las Vegas, the Super Chevy Show series headed east to birthplace of the Confederacy and Virginia Motorsports Park for some action in Lee's backyard. Editor Campisano and I arrived in town the day before to shoot an upcoming feature for the magazine, and when we awoke Saturday morning, rainy craptastic weather greeted us through the hotel windows. An inauspicious beginning to an event weekend to be sure, but the two of us loaded up and headed for the track, knowing a little rain couldn't keep the Bow Tie fanatics at home.

Sucp_1008_01 Super_chevy_show_virginia_series Virginia_motorsports_park 2/31

By the time we got to VMP, there was a huge line of spectators and show cars waiting to get in. The rain had stopped, and a couple of hours later the skies were blue, the breeze pleasant, and the track dried off and ready for some tire-shredding fun. The swap meet area was sold out-that's 504 vendor spots for those keeping score at home-and when the True Street cars lined up for the road cruise portion of the class, people were still pouring through the gates. The manufacturers midway was packed as well. With a sold-out swap meet, 447 show cars and 300 dazzling Chevrolet race cars, there was plenty for all to see and do.




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