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Jim Campisano Apr 30, 2010
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Las Vegas and Virginia are in the books. The first two Super Chevy Shows of 2010 were unqualified successes with amazing car shows filled with hundreds and hundreds of the most beautiful Bow Tie greats ever, insane drag racing action and to the delight of enthusiasts a successful autocross in Vegas and a rompin', stompin' field of True Street crazies in Virginia.

Sucp_1004w_02 Super_chevy_show_2010 Texas_motorplex 2/8

Next up on the docket is Super Chevy at Texas Motorplex (May 21-23) in Ennis, Texas, and track owner Billy Meyer and his crew are pulling out all the stops. Looking to carve corners and torture cones? There is a high-speed autocross put on by the local SCCA region. Think you've got a fast Chevy street car? The ground-pounding Super Chevy Magazine True Street Challenge, with its requisite 30-mile-road tour and three back-to-back dragstrip passes, is scheduled for Saturday.

There will be bracket racing galore with Super Chevy Shows typical huge payouts, and in the Pro categories, they've lined up a host of wild, old-school fuel altereds, wheelstanders and more. The swap meet are and manufacturers midway promise to be huge so if there you are looking for automotive bargains for your latest project (or are looking to unload some stuff), we're sure you'll be happy there.

Sucp_1004w_09 Super_chevy_show_2010 Texas_motorplex 3/8

The entire staff of Super Chevy Magazine will be there to chronicle the event--the car show, the drag racing, the Beer Girls--oh, did we not mention there will be Beer Girls there?--everything. We'll be there shooting car features, perhaps even a cover or two, and handing out awards to the show cars and the drag cars.

Another wrinkle in Texas: After the car show awards on Saturday, there will be a barbeque, followed by rocking into the night with The Morticians, a wildly popular local classic rock cover band. The staff will be around for the entire evening, shooting the breeze, eating BBQ and having fun with you, our readers. For truck enthusiasts, sister publication Custom Classic Truck will have staff members looking to photograph cars for upcoming issues.

Sucp_1004w_04 Super_chevy_show_2010 Texas_motorplex 4/8

When the Super Chevy Show series was purchased by a group of track owners and racing enthusiasts in November, they had a vision of what a revamped series would look like: a sparkling sea of shiny Chevys in the car shows, the rumbling of Chevys on the drag strip and car enthusiasts walking the property with beaming looks of joy over being surrounded by the celebrated brand.

One way they are making the Super Chevy Show at the Texas Motorplex even better is they've reached out to car clubs and make sure they represent the great state of Texas. Motorplex officials announced that car clubs who pre-register 10 or more cars will get a serious discount on entry fees. Car clubs who register before May 1 also will get an exclusive speed pass to use at a special Speed Pass gate that will allow priority entrance into the event on Saturday, May 22.

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"The Super Chevy Show is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2010 and we want this to be the best show it's ever had in Texas," Texas Motorplex General Manager Gabrielle Stevenson said.

"There are so many car clubs and Chevy die-hards in this region, it's fitting that we host such an exciting event. We want to offer a special price for the groups to help celebrate the anniversary and the return of such a premier event."

Sucp_1004w_05 Super_chevy_show_2010 Texas_motorplex 6/8

Super Chevy Show Schedule of Events

May 21-23, 2010 - 30 years!

Friday, May 21, 2010

10 a.m.: Participant gates open / participant parking
2 p.m.: Tech inspection
4 p.m.: Spectator gates open
5 p.m.: Test-n-Tune
8 p.m.: Credential sales conclude / tech inspection closes
9 p.m.: Staging lanes close for final runs
10 p.m.: Secure track

Sucp_1004w_08 Super_chevy_show_2010 Texas_motorplex 7/8

Saturday, May 22, 2010

9 a.m.: Racer gates open / participant parking / tech for new arrivals
9 a.m.: Car show registration & Setup (9 a.m. - 7 p.m.)
10 a.m.-4 p.m.: Autocross
10:30 a.m.: Car show judging seminar (10:30 a.m.)
11 a.m.: Spectator gates open
11 a.m.: Time-trial runs for bracket classes
12 p.m.: True Street Challenge cruise
2 p.m.: BONUS bracket race (Elec run together, no E run together, mix classes for Final Round)
5 p.m.: Pro show - (Beat the Heat, all run Q1, fuel altereds)

Following Pro: BONUS bracket finals

5:30 p.m.: Car show special awards
6 p.m.: Pro show - (Fuel altered, 10 Q2, Beat the Heat, Wheelstander, Jet)
7 p.m.: QUICK 8 bracket race (electronics class, no electronics class)
8 p.m.: QUICK 8 finals
8 p.m: Pro show - (Beat the Heat, fuel altereds, Wheelstander, Jet)
9 p.m.: Secure track Sunday, May 23, 2010

8 a.m.: Racer gates open / tech for new arrivals
8 a.m.: Spectator gate
8:30 a.m.: RFC service in car show tent
9 a.m.-3 p.m.: Autocross
9:30 a.m.: "Run for the Money" - time trial
10:00 a.m.: Shoebox Shootout - qualifier one (8-car qualifier)
10:30 a.m.: "Run for the Money" - dial-in run
10:30 a.m.: Car show judging seminar
11:00 a.m.: Shoebox Shootout - qualifier two (8-car qualifier)
11:30 a.m.: Bracket race round one (elec, no e, Shoebox, DOT)
3 p.m.: Pro show - (Wheelstander, Jet)
3:30 p.m.: Car show series event awards
5 p.m.: Secure track

Sucp_1004w_03 Super_chevy_show_2010 Texas_motorplex 8/8


Saturday Bonus Race - $2,500 total Payout - .5 Full Tree - Cross-Talk ON

Winner: $1,200
R/U: $500
Semi: $200
1/4: $100
Entry: $60

Saturday's bonus race will feature Electronic and Non-Electronic racers running in separate categories until the final round. Electronic winner and the Non-Electronic winner will face-off for the $1,200 to win and $500 to runner-up final.

Saturday QUICK 8 Race - $800 total Payout - .5 Full Tree - (Electronics- Cross-Talk ON, NO Electronics- Cross-Talk OFF)

Winner: $ 500
R/U: $ 200
Semi: $ 50
Entry: $ 100

The Quick E class of 8, and Quick NoE class of 8 will be determined based of f the 2 runs made Saturday at12pm. A Qualifier list will be posted at 3pm and the Top 8 of each will then go to Race Control to pay and enter for the QUICK 8 Saturday night Show. If a Top 8 does not pay to enter, then the next alternative will have the option to pay to enter the Quick class, etc until both classes have 8 racers.

Sunday Bracket 1 (Electronics) Payout - 1/4mile, .5 full tree, Cross-Talk ON Winner: $3,000
Runner-Up: $1,500
Semi: $500
1/4: $200
1/8: $100
Entry: $60

Time and schedule permitting, first round buybacks will be available for Bracket 1 - $40.

Sunday Bracket 2 (No Electronics) Payout - 1/4mile, .5 full tree, Cross-Talk OFF Winner: $1,500

Runner-Up: $600
Semi: $200
1/4: $100
1/8: $75
Entry: $60

Time and schedule permitting, first round buybacks will be available for Bracket 2 - $30.

Sunday Shoebox (No Electronics, Shifter) Payout - 1/4mile, .5 full tree, Cross-Talk OFF 8 quickest cars

Winner: $1,000
Runner-Up: $500
Semi: $250
1/4: $500
1/8: $25
Entry: $60

Sunday D.O.T. Payout - 1/4mile, .5 full tree, Cross-Talk OFF (DOT Street Tires and Mufflers required.)

Winner: $1,000
Runner-Up: $400
Semi: $125
1/4: $100
Entry: $60

Time and schedule permitting, first round buybacks will be available for D.O.T. - $20.

Payout Information: All payouts will be available in Race Control Suite 208, the day of the race once we reach the payout rounds.

NOTE: All classes must be Chevy bodied -or- Chevy powered. PRICE SHEET

Sportsman Racer Entry Fees

Friday Test 'n' Tune Run-Card: $30
Saturday Quick 8 (Electronics): $100
Saturday Quick 8 (No Electronics): $100
Sunday "Run For The Money": $20
Saturday Bonus Race: $40
Sunday Bracket Race: $60
Racer Full Event Combo: $115

Saturday True Street Challenge: Racers who purchase a Drag Race entry will be eligible to also compete in the True Street Challenge (If their car meets the class rules.) All True Street Participants will also be able to compete in Sunday's DOT Race at NO ADDITIONAL FEE.

Restricted Area Crew Pass: $40 (valid Friday - Sunday)
Extra Pit Vehicle Parking Pass: $30
Bracket 1 Buyback $40
Bracket 2 Buyback $30
DOT Buyback $20

Car Show Fees

Car Show (2-day judged class): $45
Show & Shine (2 day not-judged): $35

Additional Participants

Swap Meet $45
Car Corral $45

Spectator Pricing:

Friday Adult $10 Children (11-15) $5
Saturday Adult $20 Children (11-15) $5
Sunday Adult $15 Children (11-15) $5
Weekend Adult $35 Children (11-15) $15

Spectator Advance Ticket Offer:

Buy your weekend spectator tickets in advance of the event and save $15.

Car show Advance Discounts:

Save $15.00 with advance purchase of car show entry. Clubs of 10 or more that order in advance also receive to the Car Show Fast Lane at gate 12 first thing Saturday Morning.



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