2010 Super Chevy Show Reborn

The Super Chevy Show Series Is Under New Ownership, And Will Be More Action-Packed Than Ever For 2010.

Patrick Hill Apr 4, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Monte Carlo
All years, 1970-1988

Chevrolet Tri-Five


Rat Rod
All unfinished appearing vehicles.

Pro Street
All Chevrolet vehicles with 75-percent of an original frame or altered original frame (including rearend narrowed), having a physically narrowed rear end, wheeltubs or factory.

Pro Engineered
All Chevrolet vehicles, which have a complete tube chassis, from radiator to rear bumper (round or square). Must have a physically narrowed rear and wheel tubs. All tube chassis drag cars and off road will compete in this class.

PickUp Truck
1949-1972 Two-Wheel Drive
Full Size
1973-1987 Two-Wheel Drive
Full Size
1988 & Newer Two-Wheel
Drive Full Size
Mini Pickup Two-Wheel
Full-Size Sport Utility/Mini Sport Utility
4x4 Full-Size & Mini Pickup
4x4 Full-Size & Mini Utility
Vehicle 4x4

Gold Class
All extensively done Show Vehicles. Undercarriage will be examined to etermine eligibility, and a final decision will be rendered by consensus of the Car Show Officials. The supervisor's decision is final and the entry would compete in the Gold Class. The registration procedure remains the same for all vehicles. All entries will register for their normally assigned class and the Judging Supervisor will make the registration change and provide the owner with a new classification card. Gold Class entrants will be reassigned a parking area and will be grouped together. Winners will be awarded in separate categories as appropriate, as well as appropriate "Best" awards

Each class has the possibility of having these classes within it. For example, Camaro 1967-1969 could actually be three classes with three winners and six Outstandings.
Camaro 1967-1969 (Stock)
Camaro 1967-1969 (Street)
Camaro 1967-1969 (Modified)

Stock Class
The Stock Class will include vehicles that appear to be factory stock. The interior must be original or a duplicate of the original in material, style and color. Engine must be stock for the vehicle's year and model. Numbers do not have to match. No tube-type headers allowed unless proved by GM Regular Production (RPO) paperwork. No bolt-on aftermarket parts allowed. Wheels must be available for year/model of the vehicle. All vehicles with a dealer conversion or factory conversions not installed at the factory (such as Choo Choo Customs, Yenko, SLP, etc) will be moved to the Street or modified class of the appropriate category.

Street Class
The Street Class includes all vehicles with bolt-on aftermarket or dealer installed parts and/or accessories. The body may have bolt-on spoilers, ground effects, fiberglass parts, etc. Any modding of these items moves entry to Modified Class. Paint may be of any color from any OEM manufacturer. Aftermarket candy, pearl, metal flake paint entries will be moved to Modified. Painted pinstripes, taped pinstripes or decals and vinyl graphics are allowed. Judging Supervisor will classify custom work. Other items that move an entry to Street Class include headers, ignition wires, air cleaners, valve covers, continental kits, painted engine compartment, etc. Any modding of any type (including firewall, inner fenders, panels, etc.) will move entry to Modified Class. Minor interior changes are allowed (seat inserts, minor truck or truck bed modifications, and bolt-in seats with stock-type interior). No custom interiors allowed. There will be no limit on the amount of bright items on the engine or in the engine compartment. See notes concerning dealer and factory-sold conversions in the Stock Class.




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