2010 Super Chevy Show Reborn

The Super Chevy Show Series Is Under New Ownership, And Will Be More Action-Packed Than Ever For 2010.

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The Super Chevy Show is back for 2010, with a complete overhaul designed to bring the series back to its former glory. Back in November 2009, long-time series promoter Roger Gustin sold the show series to SCSW Inc., a special group made up entirely of track owners and operators, including John Bandimere Jr., Bill Bader Jr., Charlie Allen, Lex Dudas and others, paving the way for a full revamp of the series and a whole new show for people to attend.

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For 2010, Forward Sports Marketing (www.forwardsportsmarketing.com), based out of Lee's Summit, Missouri, will be the national event coordinator for the series. FSM will work with each of the 10 tracks on the schedule to ensure a degree of uniformity in the format of each event. Through all of the plans for revamping the Super Chevy Show series, the track owners hosting events in 2010 have had constant involvement to make sure that each show meets its potential for success.

"We are going to work with each of the tracks to make sure there is consistency on some levels, but the tracks themselves will also be able to put a local emphasis on their respective events," FSM's Director of Marketing Development Ryan Haas says. "We will manage the series at a national level and will empower the track operators to manage their specific event to give fans and participants exactly what they want."

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Haas says the new owners have a passion for creating the best possible product for the fans, participants, and sponsors. FSM and the track owners hosting events for '10 are working together to add new features for the drag racing at each show, and are talking about adding other things like collector car auctions, and even televised broadcasts of all events. More attention will be paid to the car show, where some new elements will be added.

Starting with the first event on the schedule at The Strip at Las Vegas, fans and show attendees will see something new at a Super Chevy Show, an autocross event. This new feature will allow everyone the opportunity to show off their car's handling capabilities. (Due to space limitations at certain tracks, the autocrosses won't take place at all Super Chevy shows.) Also new is a special 1955-'60 Chevy-only "Shoebox" racing class. In addition, the True Street series will be back at most events for Bow Tie fanatics with street legal/driven cars to hit the strip and vie for quarter-mile supremacy.

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Also in store are event-specific special racing classes. For the Super Chevy Show at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, track owner Bill Bader Jr. will host a special fuel altered racing category. For Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, track owner Charlie Allen will have a nostalgia funny car racing class. For the popular Maple Grove Raceway event, the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod series will be out for a special racing class. This is just a sample though, as the other tracks on the schedule are also working on their own special racing classes and marquee events. (For the complete schedule, please go to Bow Tie Briefs on page 24 of this issue.)

Stay tuned to the pages of SUPER CHEVY magazine, and www.superchevy.com for updates on the latest for each Super Chevy Show, including special events for each venue, and get ready to experience some serious Bow Tie fun and excitement in 2010.

2010 Super Chevy Show
Car Show Classes & Awards
Big Car (Includes Impala, Biscayne and Caprice)
1990 & Newer

1968 & Newer

El Camino
All years, 1959-1960
and 1964-1987.

1949 & Newer
Class includes all non-Chevrolet bodied vehicles with Chevrolet power and all Chevrolet bodied vehicles with non-Chevrolet power.

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Chevrolet bodied and powered cars and trucks

Open Class
All Chevrolets not included in specific category, through the current model year.

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