2009 Goodguys PPG National Car Show - Swingin' Good Time (WEB EXCLUSIVE)

The 2009 Goodguys PPG Nationals Defied The Doldrums Of The Gloomy Domestic Economy, And Provided A Show Field Full Of Fantastic Cars.

Patrick Hill Oct 28, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Thousands of great cars, all packed into one place for a whole weekend of automotive excitement. If you've never been to a Goodguys event, then you're missing out on just this kind of dream scenario. About a month before, Editor Campisano called me to his office for what I figured to be a criticism of my love for stock/restored Chevy iron. Instead, after a smack upside the head for being a smart mouth, the Godfather told me to book a trip to Columbus for the 2009 Goodguys Nationals.

Sucp_1001_24 2009_goodguys_ppg_national_car_show 69_camaro_ss 2/81

I was blown away by the number and variety of cars in attendance. Wagons to coupes, original restos to restomods to unrestored cars, rat rods, street rods, there was every type of machine an enthusiast could dream of seeing. Adding to the fun and excitement was watching contestants for the Street Machine of the Year go after it on the autocross course to show that the beautiful work and craftsmanship put into each vehicle wasn't just for looking at.

Sucp_1001_01 2009_goodguys_ppg_national_car_show Event_grounds 3/81

By the end of the weekend I was exhausted from walking miles across the Ohio State fairgrounds trying to see every car in the show. We can't show them all to you here in the magazine, but check out www.superchevy.com for a bonus web gallery of cars from the event.

The Nationals are held at the historic Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus. The manufacturers midway was packed with companies showing off their wares, and the nearby buildings were full of hot rodding parts to make just about any Chevy a screamer. If you wanted the bird's eye view of the event, you could hop on one of the fairgrounds' flying gondolas to see all the Detroit iron at once.

Sucp_1001_04 2009_goodguys_ppg_national_car_show Ohio_state_fairgrounds 4/81





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