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Highlights from Day One at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show

Patrick Hill Dec 10, 2009

As if the LS world needed anything else to liven up the party, GM Performance Parts was showing off the first LSX 454 crate engine. With a 4.185” bore and 4.125” stroke, the new LSX has a 6 bolt iron block, forged crank, rods, and pistons, LSX/LS7 heads and 11:1 compression, with a carb the engine cranks out 620 HP, and with the LS7 EFI system 580. 454 cubes of pure whoop a**. Blue Oval guys eat your heart out!

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The extra tequila shot for today’s PRI party, GMPP also had on display their new LSX 376 crate engine. This bad boy has all sorts of potential. The 376 has a 4.06” bore, 3.62” stroke, and the same 6-bolt iron LSX block the 454 has. BUT, this guy has from the factory 9:1 compression with forged pistons and powdered rods. Combined with the LS3 heads, this engine can run great right out of the box on 87 octane, but already screams to be treated to some boost from a turbo or supercharger.

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W-motor fans, World Products has got what you’ve been yearning for. On display is one of the first new cast aluminum 409 based engine blocks. World based this new block off one of their existing Mark IV big block castings, and made the necessary mods to the mould so the first W-motor block cast since Johnson was in office could be shown to the public and breath more life into the old W-series engines. Plans call for the first “509” engine to be built by W-motor guru Lamar Walden, so stayed tuned to Super Chevy for more.

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Our friends at Holley had their new line of Dominator EFI controllers on display. With systems ranging from plug-n-play to hard core fully programmable EFI, the new Holley Dominator EFI system will even run your GM electronic auto trans.

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Another neat item from our friends at Holley, this new TPS-equipped carb. The reason? Besides data logging, equipping the carb with a TPS sensor allows it to work with an electronic automatic transmission, so you can have your carb equipped engine with the smooth shifting of an electronic slush box. Watch for more on this cool piece.

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This is probably the most posh dragstrip you’ll ever see. Unfortunately, to see it you’ll have to visit the Abu Dahbi. I’m still looking up more info on this one, but did find out the first race is supposed to be in either March or April 2010. So you can see for yourself, check out

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We spotted this UFO clutch object in the Spec booth. We were sworn to secrecy on its details, but can tell you it’s got a lot of carbon in it.

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Check out this cool display from the BMR booth, showing off all the cool suspension products they have for the 2010 Camaro.

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