Project American Heroes II Breaks The Bank at Barrett Jackson West Palm

Patrick Hill Apr 10, 2009 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0904w_01_z Project_american_heroes_two Barrett_jackson_palm_beach 2/9

What an amazing day! We anticipated PAH II making an impresive splash at Barrett Jackson, but we about lost our minds when the gavel banged and the auction ended.

Before we knew it, the bidding price was at 100,000 and starting to slow down. But the various bidders regrouped and the bidding took off like a rocket. In the blink of an eye the selling price hit 250,000 and had everyone stunned with excitement. After some more encouragement from First Lt. Mark Little from the podium, the price eclipsed 400,000 and had the arean buzzing with pandamonium. When the gavel banged and all was done, the price on the screen was 500,000 dollars! That's right, HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to benefit the Armed Forces Foundation!

Sucp_0904w_02_z Project_american_heroes_two Barrett_jackson_palm_beach 3/9

Watch for more on this amazing event in the pages of Super Chevy magazine and right here on the website!




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