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Super Chevy Show Norwalk - World's Fastest Street Car Romps On Norwal

Rod Saboury's 6-Second Split Window Street Vette Was Just One Of The Highlights Of The Super Chevy Show In Norwalk, Ohio.

Mike Ficacci Jan 1, 2009
Sucp_0901_02_z Super_chevy_show_norwalk Twin_turbo_corvette 2/33

The Super Chevy Show in Norwalk, Ohio, proved to be one of the best shows of the year, full of heart-stopping suspense on the quarter-mile and ultra-rare Bow Ties on the lawn. True Street saw 28 warriors beating on their rides, forced air aficionado Steve Morris had his 4,000-lb behemoth wagon deep into the 8s, and rumors of grudge matches were flying. With all this going on, it was a trio of Corvettes that stole the show.

Fresh off a tough loss at Maple Grove, Ken "The Kid" Walsh refused to be ousted twice in a row. He qualified his Nitro Coupe Corvette on the pole with a 4.106 at 179.76 mph (eighth-mile) and waded through the rounds, eventually laying down two of the fastest passes of the year (4.01 and 4.02) en route to a commanding victory in the finals.

Sucp_0901_01_z Super_chevy_show_norwalk Corvette_time 3/33

Up next was a battle of the lost classics, when two of the General's finest from the previous millennium paired up next to each other. Two black terrors of their times in the form of a 1987 Buick Grand National and 1990 Corvette ZR-1, both in near stock form, put on a 12-second show with the ZR-1 getting the best out of the turbo-Buick.

Last, but certainly not least, on Friday Rod Saboury threw down a pass of absolute insanity in his Mike Moran-powered twin-turbo Corvette street car. We didn't expect Rod to be at this event but made sure to get a great spot on the starting line hoping for some history. At the hit of the throttle, the torque sent the front wheels skyward and carried them for a few hundred feet. At systems were "go" at the 330-mark when suddenly some tire chatter threatened to end what could have been a beautiful run. Determined to make a full pass, Rod rolled out of the throttle, let the rocket ship settle, then jumped back on the gas in an attempt to salvage what he could.

As he crossed the finish line, all in attendance gasped as the timing tower displayed some numbers unheard of by a street car: 6.955 at 210.54 mph. On DOT-approved tires, no less. What a run! Don't believe Rod drives this car? Just ask anyone in the Maryland area who has ever been on a cruise night. Rod can be found on most Maryland highways and bi-ways with his wife Tina. Still don't believe it? Visit and search "Rod Saboury" and you will see first hand, this split-window on the highway at GoodGuys Columbus. He's also done the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit without incident, despite bumper to bumper traffic.

Rod stated, "The rear tires were worn down from 500 miles of cruising." Telemetry showed he was off the throttle for over two full seconds so there's definitely a lot more in this car.



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