National Trail Raceway Super Show - Home Sweet Home For The Super Chevy Show

Steeped In Quarter-Mile History, National Trail Raceway Hosts A Heart Stopper For The Ages.

Mike Ficacci Nov 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0811_17_z National_trail_raceway_super_show Z_bar_break 2/28

It's never fun when your Z-bar breaks en route to the Hooters cruise.

Bruce Stedry took the five spot in Nitro Coupes with a 4.402 ET at 145.50 mph.

Dan Carter's shoebox carried the wheels and gave the photographer (yours truly) a scare on one pass, heading towards the guardrail in a hurry.

Scott Samsal grabbed due attention with his '04 Cavalier, supporting a custom chassis and steel big-block. Even with 25 gallons of water as ballast in the trunk, he still had trouble planting the rear 22-inch rear wheels.

Tim Boggs won the 12-second Tremec True Street class in his TrimParts-sponsored '67 Chevy II with an average run of 12.380 seconds.

Johnny 5. No disassemble!!




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