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Virginia Motosports Park - Tearing It Up, Virginia Style

The Super Chevy Show Rocked Virginia With Some Go And A Lotta Show!

Dan Ryder Oct 1, 2008
Sucp_0810_01_z Virginia_motorsports_park 55_chevy 2/17

Following a monster event in Memphis, the Super Chevy Show headed northeast to Virginia Motorsports Park, bringing drag racers and show car enthusiasts together for a friendly little battle.

Saturday brought out an abundance of race and show cars alike, proving that competition would be stiff. One of the more surprising race classes was Tremec True Street, where racers are required to run DOT-approved rubber, as well as have their missiles registered and insured.

Sucp_0810_07_z Virginia_motorsports_park 55_chevy_rear_view 3/17

Tim Harper and his ProCharged '55 Chevy dominated the Tremec True Street class. Tim averaged 8.903 seconds over three runs to take the crown.

All Tremec True Streeters must endure a cruise through the countryside and then make three consecutive passes (hot-lap style), while only being able to make tire pressure adjustments. With a 19-car field, the action was intense.

When the tire smoke cleared, the winner was Tim Harper, whose '55 Chevy netted an average of 8.903-seconds in three trips down the 1320 (see photo above).

Additional racing action brought together bracket racers, as well as the DOT class, and the crowd-pleasing Nitro Coupes. While competition was looking pretty tight during qualifying and the beginning rounds of elimination, rain would kill the Sunday sessions.

Even though racing did not continue through the latter part of the weekend, the Tremec Transmission Car Show Series marched on. It was a waiting game for some, who didn't want to remove their prized possessions from the enclosed trailers. But removal was indeed necessary in order to win an award.

Sucp_0810_06_z Virginia_motorsports_park 69_chevelle 4/17

Steve Houser proudly displayed his '69 Chevelle, complete with blue velvet interior. While finding this somewhat unconventional, we thought it was cool enough for an Editor's Choice Top 10.

We all have to take the good with the bad, and if dodging raindrops is the worst thing that happened all weekend, most of us went away happy.

Sucp_0810_08_z Virginia_motorsports_park 77_chevette 5/17

This way cool '77 Chevette belongs to Brian Anders who took home the lowest 11-second average in Tremec True Street with an average of 11.003-seconds.



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