2008 Tucson Super Chevy Show - Blistering Super Chevy Action In The Hot Sands

The Dry Air Of Tucson Summoned The Best In Bow Ties To The Super Chevy Show

Mike Ficacci Sep 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Tony Lopez brought this gem of a road warrior to the show. This first-year street Camaro is powered by a 383 and made enough smoke to leave the jet-guys jealous.

Tire smoke and breathtaking horsepower hit the desert at the recent Super Chevy Show at Southwestern International Raceway. The Tucson, Arizona, site was host to yet another successful exhibition of some of the finest Bow Ties on the planet-both in the car show and on the strip.

Just about everywhere you go, the Camaro section is big enough to be a show within itself, but not on this weekend. Diversity was the name of the game here, with an emphasis on triple nickels, rat rods, and shoeboxes alike.

On the track, there was something for everyone. Foot brake/electronics bracket races, nitromethane-pumping Nitro Coupes, fire-breathing jet cars, the Airborne Express wheelstander, and the True Street competition-all contributing to a great return to the hot sands of Arizona.

Sucp_0809_26_z 2008_tucson_super_chevy_show 3/27

Tremec True Street was once again the highlight of the weekend with fully registered and official street machines dukin' it out for bragging rights and cash money. For those of you unfamiliar with the format of the True Street competition, it's a 30-mile hike through the hills, followed by three passes directly thereafter. No cool down, no refueling, no whiners. Competitors are literally swept off the highway, strapped down, and rolled into the water box. True Street's rules demand streetability, horsepower, and ultimately, respect.

In Tucson, the big winner was Carl Cole of Alta Loma, California, who handled his '55 Bel Air to a three-run average of 11.98, with a best pass of 11.96. Runnerup was hometown hero Dave Nast, whose '69 Camaro had an average of 12.32.




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