Super Chevy Show Baton Rouge - True Street Blasts

The Super Chevy Season Opener In Louisiana Was One Of The Biggest We've Seen

Mike Harrington Jul 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Cook me in Crisco and color me Cajun. Undoubtedly this Super Chevy show held at the Capitol Raceway just outside Baton Rouge was one of the largest show's we have seen in a long time. Maybe it was cabin fever or the need for speed, what ever the reason the first hints of spring woke masses of people to the sounds and smells of high octane burning engines. The lines to get into the raceway were literally a mile and a half in both directions. The state police showed up and even threatened to shut the show down due to the amount of people lined up down the highway trying to get in. Once inside the show, they were stacking them on top of each other trying to accommodate all who came.

The popular media networks would try to have us believe that Louisiana and has been reduced to third world status and the occupants are poverty stricken waifs. What we saw that weekend were large amounts of finely crafted Chevrolets and the largest turnout of True Street participants to date. That's right America, Louisiana has set the True Street record with over thirty vehicles running down the track! Could it be that the rest of us are powder puff princesses? Time will tell all we know is that down in Cajun country they wear the crown!




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