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Flowmaster 2008 High School Safe Streets Drag Racing Program

Bringing Reward to Youth Racers across the country

May 23, 2008
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There was a time in America when drag strips were dedicated to not onlyproviding competitive racing programs for locals but a way of drawing high school kids to a proper and safe race location rather than street racing. Over the years, many tracks have successfully created and promoted such programs. Flowmaster Mufflers had decided to engage with that cause by creating their first ever High School Safe Streets Track Program, which launched in 2008.

The High School Track Program will involve 25 tracks for 2008 reachingacross the country and providing a special cash reward to racers whotake the top point awards. Among the rewards are a $1000 US Savings BondPrize, discounts on Flowmaster(R) products, special Flowmaster apparel andtrophies noting their efforts surrounding the racing season.

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For more information about the Flowmaster High School Safe Streets DragRacing Program, a listing of participating tracks and a look at theimpressive prize package, do online to or cal1 (800) 544-4761.

Concept: Promote safe and sensible teenage drag racing using aco-branding program with selected racetracks. The program should improveattendance at weekly ET bracket races while emphasizing Flowmaster inminds of high school drag racers and their associates. These are our customers of the future and as such we need to make Flowmaster theirproduct of choice now, and in the future.

Aim: Build brand loyalty with this early adopter group to improved viral opportunities and help drive guerilla marketing with this small category of racers based around the ET brackets classes.

Ages: Participants must be between 16 and 18 years male or female (19 with current high school attendance records) All racers must have both parents sign a Release of Liability to participate.

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Work with approximately 25 tracks around the nation to initially build aprogram funded by Flowmaster to supply support to this level of thesport. We would create a tailored program which links our media into theprogram with a website presence focused on these racers. We would offer links to tracks in our program, our ads on both web and print media. It is proposed that we create a package for each track based on 30-week season of racing. The package would be provided directly to each track as a marketing tool for them to promote this class of racers at their track. Based on 20 entrants per track/ week = 500/week and 15,000 individual impressions for the program

There would be three levels of award:

1 - An award for each week for the High school bracketwinner: High School Drag Racing T-shirt Champion

2 - An monthly award: $50 Flowmaster gift certificate.Winners can accumulate multiple certificates.

3 - The season champion award trophy and a Savings BondCertificate for a $1,000 Govt Saving Bond



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