'57 Chevys and '67 Camaros - Best Of The Best

Bow Tie Briefs

Thomas J. Lyman Feb 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Classic GM Art
Check out the new GM-themed sculpture from Tj Aitken. Viewers see classic lines, shapes and forms from favorite cars combined in new ways as objects with a new message. These sculptures are not driving machines at all. "The Boomer's Nike" is classic pieces of the '57 Chevy compressed into one winged form. The classic sexy eyelid of the headlamp bezel, the tail fin and rear bumper details, the beautiful merger of fender to body-side with trim pieces are all there, yet this piece is not a car. It is a monument to the design that has won the hearts of several generations of car guys. The entire Nike series has captured those elegant features from early cars that Tj Aitken says are so sorely missing from today's jelly bean designs. www.sculpturebytj.com


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