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2000 Super Chevy show Joliet, Illinois - Gimme Some Action!

Jumping In Joliet, The Super Chevy Show Hits A New High.

Mike The Weasel" Harrington Jan 1, 2008
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We loved these two super-righteous Camaros. The twotoned '69 belongs to Bill Jelinek, the maroon '68 to Eddie George. It was tough to choose which we liked best, we got diabetes of the eye socket from staring at these sweet rides.

In The Words Of The Immortal Ronnie Dawson: "Gimme the downbeat maestro, I wanna lay it on the line, 'cause everything I do, I wanna do it in double time, 'cause when I take a ride in my car it's gotta be action-packed!"

This particular Super Chevy show in Joliet, Illinois, stands out as one of the wilder, more actionpacked shows we've had the chance to witness. First off, the Chicago Outlaws were stacked 15 deep. Getting the chance to see more than a dozen of these freaks jumping like frog legs in a frying pan then running a 7-second pass, forget about it! Now that's action. The Chicago Outlaws racing crew only makes it to a select few shows and usually it's about five or so cars and not 15 madmen behind the wheel screaming wheels-up off the line.

If that wasn't enough to simmer your sausage, after the show was over, Saturday afternoon turned into a Saturday night to remember. Saturday Saturday night in the pits of Joliet was one of the most festive SC shows we've seen. Several musicians busted out their battle-axes, set up some lights and proceeded to play some righteous-sounding Chicago Blues. These guys were no cream puffs when it came to chopping out the hot licks on the guitars either. While the music was playing, the food was cooking, bottle tops were popping and they were dancing in the streets at the Route 66 Raceway. Racing and rock 'n' roll: Is there more than this?

When the rooster crowed and it was Sunday morning, there must have been plenty an aching head, with folks reaching for the aspirin bottle.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! The car show must have had about a 100 more entrants than the day before. Forget the trophies, forget the accolades, come on out to the SC to have a ball and make some memories. We can't wait for next year at Joliet.


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