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1957 Chevy - Happy 50th Anniversary

Eckler's And GM Band To Gether To Celebrate An Automotive Icon's Birthday.

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What can you say about the 1957 chevy that hasn't already been said? With iconic styling and undeniable popularity, it's quite possibly the most restored, modified and raced car ever produced. No need to wonder why. Just look at it. This amazing piece of American automotive heritage is as timeless as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.

Quite frankly, I think it's surpassed baseball, but that's another story.

Eckler's, being one of the leaders in Tri-Five aftermarket restoration parts, knows good and well the historical importance of what the 1957 Chevy represents to the automotive world and American car culture. It was only fitting it spearheaded the 50th anniversary celebration held at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan.

It was a three-day bash consisting of an afternoon at the GM Heritage Center, a nighttime concert at the GM Tech Center amphitheatre, and a super-size car show featuring over 230 '57 Chevys.

The celebration was mainly centered around the '57 Chevy, but another historical GM piece wasn't left entirely in the back seat as 2007 marked the 40th anniversary of another automotive icon: the '67 Camaro. There were over 150 F-bodies ranging from first- through fourth-generation flexing their musclecar heritage throughout the GM Tech Center show area.

Attracting much of the attention in the Camaro arena was the Transformers' movie star, Bumblebee. Throughout Saturday's car show the nowfamous star was the main backdropfor family photo opportunities.

The automobile is a true representation of American culture, especially in its most classic and memorable form. So, hats off to Eckler's and the participating staff at the GM Tech Center for putting on a top-notch celebration featuring two of the most recognizable cars in automotive history.

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